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Oct 21, 2014, 14:38

Maybe there’s no easy formula, but here are 12 simple things that can help bring peace into your home:

1.Speak kindly. It’s amazing how a little kindness goes a long way to setting the tone for the home.

2.Gather regularly. For meals. For prayer. To simply hang out with each other. Enjoy your togetherness.

3.Laugh readily. Joke and play. Be ready to have a good time with one another. Lighten one another’s load with a good laugh.

4.Work cheerfully. It seems there’s always a job to be done. So why not make the most of it? Do all things without complaining and disputing. (Phil. 2:14).

5.Give generously. Of your time and your possessions. The home is a place full of all kinds of giving opportunities.

6.Apologize humbly. Just say you’re sorry and ask forgivenes. Pride has no place in a peaceful home.

7.Forgive quickly. Don’t waste time nursing a grudge. Let it go right away and get on with a loving relationship.

8.Hug freely. Give your little ones a squeeze. Wrap your arms around your big kids. Your spouse could probably use one too!

9.Pray frequently. Ask God to bring peace into your home. Lift up the needs of the day. Seek Him for wisdom when you’re stumped (or even when you’re not).

10.Stand firmly. Stand up for each other. Stand up for what’s right. Stand strong.

11.Cheer loudly. Let your family know you’re behind them. All the way. Offer your enthusiastic support. Who doesn’t need to hear a warm cheer now and then?

12.Love genuinely. Seems obvious, I know. But sometimes we forget how powerful love can be in our home. And above all things have fervent love for one another, for ‘”love will cover a multitude of sins.’” (I Pet. 4:8)

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