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Default Overflow help

I am jumping into this now with both feet. I have worked out some
advertising space and the only problem is I hope to generate more leads than
I can handle personally.

I will be targeting pre-foreclosure residential properties in the Central
West Coast of Florida area. i.e. the Tampa Bay area.

I'm looking to compile a list of investors who can pick up the overflow.

If you are CAPABLE of picking up the slack, Please email me off-group with
the following details:

1) Average time to close
2) What kind of paperwork required to turn deal over to you.
3) Phone number and email of contact person.
4) URL for your website if you have one.
5) Finders fee you are willing to pay.

Email to:

Mark Clark
mark @*nospam* (remove "*nospam*" and any spaces)
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