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Default John Michael is in the house

Let me share a little about my self and some may get a better understanding of what I'm about.

I love healthy debates and healthy disagreements as one can learn from them.

I believe that real estate investing is not one size fits all! Some learn from one teacher and others learn from another even if it is on the same subject!

You will find that my methods of investing to favor the creative side of investing and less on the conservative side of the industry.

I have been in the industry for over 20 years and have worked with many of the real estate guru's known by most of us and do to the limited amount of information provided to students in 1999 I decided to taken on the industry with more knowledge to empower investors to become more successful in the art of real estate investing.

I invest using Sub 2, Land Trust, Lease Option, Owner Finance, 1031 exchange, No money down, Using investor funds for purchase and the list goes on. Yes I have done the conservative type of investing and continue to do so but I have more fun with the creative side.

I enjoy working with pre foreclosure homeowners!

Over the years I have bought and sold commercial and residential properties.

I have also owned many businesses:
Laundry Mats - Retail Stores - Flea Markets - Convince Stores - Arcades - Rack Merchandising - Mystery Shopping Company - Auction Centers - Answering Services - Vending - And the list goes on.

University Studies
Psychology - Marketing/Advertising - Civil & Criminal Law
Work History
USAF - Hostage negotiator, Bank Branch Manager, Bank Loss Mitigation Manager, Retail Loss Prevention Manager, Credit & Collection trainer, OSI, Guest Speaker and Trainer in real estate investing

Some of the Real Estate Investing courses I have taken over the years are:
AD Kessler - Al Lowry - Bill Bowen - Bill Bronchick - Bill Gatten - Carleton H. Sheets - Charles Givens - Claude Diamond - David Finkel - Ed Beckley - Ernie Kessler - I.G. Williams - J.P. Vaughan - John Adams - John Beck - John Behle - John Burley - John Locke - John Schaub - John Ulmer - JP Vaughn - Lance Young - Larry Burkett - Larry Holder - Larry Pino - Lonnie Scruggs - Robert G. Allen - Robert Irwin - Robert Kiyosaki - Robert Shemin - Ron LeGrand - Russ Whitney -Ted Thomas - Wade Cook - Wealth Builders - Just to name a few.

In 2004, I had the privilege of training 750 new real estate investors in the art of investing both in a seminar setting and mentorships (180).

The simple point is I may just know one or two things about this business but I also understand I will never know anything and this is why I continue my education - I treat real estate investing just like a professional athlete - I train in season and out of season!

I through the grace of god and an outstanding support staff buy and sell real estate predominately in 19 states now!

It takes a lot of work, long hours and a great team in place to reach this level.

For me I have nothing to prove to anyone as my life is good and RE has been good to me and has allowed me to help 1,000's every year who face foreclosure!

The life of John Michael
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