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Default $68.5K - 4/2, 1156 Sqft. Rental FSBO in Jacksonville, FL.

DESPERATE OWNER : I need to get out from underneath this property. I really need to sell this property soon. I'm tired of being a landlord. It's currently being rented out to a nice single mother with 2 kids for $735 per month. I'm not trying to make a profit off this sale I'm just trying to pay off my existing mortgage on it. Anyone that's interested please contact me ASAP.

211 West 27th St., Jacksonville, FL. 32206
Price: $68,600
Appraised Value: $83,000
Description: 4br/2ba Ranch style, nice street, nice neighborhood, shingle siding, 1153 sqft, Built 1919.
Repairs: No leaks but time for a new roof.

Jamie L. Melton
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