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Old 12-10-2013, 05:08 AM
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Default 200 people with the disorder towards the genomes of nearly 5 emv -rf

Researchers have conducted the first genomewide search to look for any genes responsible for Tourette syndrome and obsessivecompulsive disorder (OCD). Findings show that neither OCD nor Tourette syndrome are simple enough to be traced one problem gene, but the researchers have had the opportunity to pinpoint several areas on the human Mbt Sandals Kisumu chromosome that may contribute to the conditions.
In the Tourette syndrome study, researchers compared the genomes of more than 1,200 people with the disorder towards the genomes of nearly 5,000 healthy Oakley Outlet Store Australia individuals.
They carried out a association study, which includes scanning Buy Barbour Uk hundreds of thousands of genetic variants across the genomes to see whether any were more common in people with the disorder.
Not one genetic signal was found to be significantly different between the two genomes, and therefore the researchers could not rule out random chance as the reason for any given difference.
However, among the top genetic variations, there was an unusually high number of variations in thefrontal lobe from the brain a region implicated in both Tourette Nike Cortez Classic syndrome and OCD, said Scharf.
One gene Cheap Longchamp Le Pliage Large particularly that had a strong variation between Tourette and nonTourette genomes was called COL27A1, which encodes a collagen protein found in cartilage. The same gene is also Buy Longchamp Bag Online Australia mixed up in cerebellum, a brain region essential for motor control during development. More research is needed to find what link, if any, this gene has to Tourette syndrome, Scharf Fake Ugg Boots said.
Within the OCD study, researchers conducted exactly the same analysis on healthy genomes along with 1,500 people Cheap Uggs Ireland Online with OCD. Again, nobody gene stood out as a definitive OCD gene, Barbour Coats Women Uk however the findings show a good candidate near a gene called BTBD3, that is involved in multiple cellular functions.
This first genomewide results are bound to turn up some false positives, noted Scharf, so researchers will need to study these intriguing genes in larger samples of people.
Scientists are also comparing the 2 studies to identify any genetic linkages that may explain why Tourette syndrome and OCD so frequently appear together.
important thing this research does is that it really brings Tourette syndrome and OCD in to the company of Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Nude a number of other psychiatric diseases, which people have studied using genomewide association, Scharf said, citing autism,schizophreniaand bpd as examples.
that we have these data for Tourette syndrome and OCD, we can work with investigators who are studying those other diseases to try to see what we can find out about what variants are shared between different neurodevelopment disorders. Molecular Psychiatry
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