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Old 12-10-2013, 09:05 AM
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Default KQ two problems emerge uff

Although the various JavaScript implementations have some security functions to try and keep JS code from doing anything overtly hostile for your computer, two problems emerge: that code has bugs, such as discussed in the earlier answers, which permit for attack or exploitation and lots of things that aren't outright hostile can result in bad ends (eg a popup from the FakeAV which asks for your payment information).
Example current Javascriptrelated attack techniques which are quite effective use hidden iframes to load JS malware using their company compromised sites which then attempts to execute in the browser. This is seen in advertisements included into big popular sites plus less welltrafficked ones. If successful it may then continue on to exploit local system software. In this way the various versions of the Black Hole Exploit Kit attack vulnerable versions of PDF and Flash software to infect the host machine with botnet clients.
It has been difficult for browser and system makers to make their legitimate messages difficult to counterfeit. Windows User Account Control is among the Nike Blazers Women Pink best techniques because Buy Tiffany Online Australia of how it interrupts every other program when it needs Pandora Bracelet Ebay privileges to complete an activity. Most browser and software popup messages are easily faked and you should be wary of them. NoScript for Firefox is quite good at reducing these risks.
Driveby downloads are typical malware vectors for JavaScript Cheap Canada Goose Jackets Online to get binaries onto a user's machine. The JS just starts a request Buy Timberland Boots Uk Sale of the malware binary that responds with Contentdisposition:attachment which prompts the consumer to download it.
The JS can continue this even if the Isabel Marant Betty Sneakers Uk user cancels, effectively making the user's browser unusable (they may not understand how to kill a process manually) and often attempts to make the download look like antivirus software.
Some proportion of users will accept the download just to get their browser back, and then the malware vendor merely has to wait for the binary to be run.
The main problem with viruses and malware would be that the OS confuses the current user using the programs they run. When I run Solitaire, that process is able to edit every file will be able to from the command line or Windowing system. Which should not be the case.
Is the file in a directory "owned" by the application by virtue of being created during the installing of the application binary?
Is the file a common Mont Blanc Shop London system resource like a DLL or shared library?
Other privileges could be similarly granted based on user designation or simple rules.
Most operating systems and applications were not written with this in mind, so systems like Polaris from HP labs shows how you can allow apps to run with less than currentuser permissions on Windows.
People often forget that POLA means two things at the same time.
Unlike static sandboxes, Polaris doesn't appreciably affect the user experience. In fact, one HP executive used a preAlpha form of Polaris for three days without knowing it was on his machine. Polaris does its magic without changing applications or even the operating system. Nor does it depend on intercepting system calls. Instead, when users "Polarize" a credit card Canada Goose Shop Online applicatoin, the "Polarizer" creates a restricted user take into account that application. When users launch the applying, either explicitly via the shortcut the Polarizer created or implicitly by opening a file of the appropriate type, Polaris uses a variant of Parajumpers Long Bear Jacket the Windows runAs facility to spread out the program in its account. The majority of the Polaris software hides this fact from the user.
The attacker may use a vulnerability on the browser to complete the malware code around the client's computer. Most malware which i seen obscure their shell code using Base64 and compression in the JS file or embedded in to the HTML. Once the JS code is executed on the clients computer, it uses 'deflate' and 'eval' to complete whatever code is encoded on the string. The malware usually takes advantage of a buffer overflow vulnerability around the browser to execute shell code around the clients machine.
If you are getting multiple random popouts from legitimate website, this can be an indication that the computer might well be infected with something. Make sure that your AV and AntiSpyware solutions are up to date and running correctly. Also, check whats running on the computer using tools like process explorer and autoruns.
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