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Old 01-02-2014, 02:46 AM
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Default PJF When I got home from soccer practice today 4360

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When I got home from soccer practice today, I dind't know what else to do so I ended up reading the write ups/testimonials my friends gave me last year. Those were for my yearbook information and err, anything you call it. It hasn't been long since I read the stuff within that notebook but when I read it again today. gadd. It felt like ages ago when I last hanged out with the classmates I had for four years. In almost every write up, you can read about me being close with everyone and doing the ocho ocho anytime, anywhere. LOL! Oh yeah, we even had this little org called The Notebook. go, suckahs! In there, we were brave enough to Oakley Sunglasses write about our secrets and crushes and other stuff. Every week! Grabe, we were really not far from each other we didn't mind sharing things Moncler Womens Coats Uk to one another. Oh yeah. Before, every day there was a huge homework central, especially in Math. Hehe, we were mad crammers. And we were good at it. And before, I sing in the classroom all the time and they don't even mind. (I think if I sing now, they're gonna bury me alive.)
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