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Old 12-23-2013, 03:27 AM
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Default YL so the torque also changes 0272

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Perhaps to balance things up, next time Katie is being interviewed they should send a religious correspondent rather than a sports journalist? I'm not being flippant here. If people really want to hear about Katie's prayer routine and her faith and how they help her to win fights then perhaps a trained religious correspondent is the best person to interview her.
The combustion of gas in Air Jordan Release Dates 2014 the cylinder creates pressure against the piston. That pressure creates a force on the piston, which pushes it down. The force is transmitted from the piston to the connecting rod, and from the connecting rod into the crankshaft. In Figure 2, notice that the point where the connecting rod attaches to the crank shaft is some distance from the center of the shaft. The horizontal distance changes as the crankshaft spins, so the torque also changes, since torque equals force multiplied by distance.
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