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Old 12-08-2013, 05:30 AM
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Default jply--- you will find three bones or phalanx bones. Externally 539

Llamas require that their nails be trimmed regularly or they will continue to grow until they curl under, and also the animal is no longer able to walk properly. The llamas feet are interesting , simply because they consist of two toenails and a bottom pad like leather.
Internally, there are three bones or phalanx bones. Externally, the toenail grows out of the Adidas Jeremy Scott Alien foot. Whenever you turn the foot over you will see a leather like pad and 2 nails.
These nails may be easily trimmed with a sharp pair of shears designed for this purpose. Grasp the llamas foot just above where the foot bends or ( proximal Phalanx ) together with your left hand . Holding the foot, trim the nail using the clippers in your right hand. Do that procedure in reverse if you are left handed by holding the foot within the right hand, and trim using the clippers in your left hand.
For safety sake always cut in the direction away from the foot. Their nails are shaped like a V. The bottom of the V will be the pointed tip from the llamas nail. To cut the nail: lay the clipper blade flat on this V cutting from the wide end from the V to the bottom from the V, or the tip from the llamas nail. Sometimes this is difficult to do, and you will have to resort to clipping one side of the V at a time. You will get a better and flatter cutting if you're able to clip away from the foot ( wide part of the V to the tip).
You also will get a better clipping if you clean Ray Ban Shop Australia the grove of the nail out where it collects dirt. This can be done by gently using the pointed tip of the clipper to carefully dig this out. Then proceed to clip again. I've discovered it Air Jordan 12 Retro is Christian Louboutin Sale Shoes Real easier to clip the nail before I try cleaning the nail out. For whatever reason, the llamas seem to jump if this is done first. After you have cleaned the nail out you will be surprised at how high the Cheap Air Jordan 5 nail still can be and that you really need to clip again.
The optimum time to do toe nail clipping and obtain the best results and also make it much more comfortable for your animals is in the early morning when they have walked on the damp ground or after it's rained. This allows the nail being softer and is so much easier to chop.
You will notice sometimes they will lean on you when you try to clip claws. Basically , they are trying to keep their balance. This might be the hardest thing for them to learn. The first time you clip a llama's nails they are afraid, mainly, because it is strange to face on three legs, plus they become frightened. If you communicate with them and explain to them what you are trying to do, a llama will understand. Before you start to lift their leg, stroke their leg to let them get accustomed to the fact that you are going to do something to their feet. You will have to repeat this several times. Then begin just trying to lift the foot up. This can also have to be repeated several times. Don't be in a hurry. You may have to do this about six times or more. Eventually they will understand that You would like them to LIFT THEIR FOOT. Then once you can hold their foot off the floor, pick up your clippers, and start clipping. This is another sensation they may have to get Ugg Boots Clearance Canada used to. If they put their foot down or you can't hold it long enough to finish clipping, repeat picking the foot up and check out again. Usually, your llama understands by now what you want, and you will be able to hold the foot up long enough to complete.
While you are clipping always Kids Uggs Sale check the information of the llama's foot for any damage or cuts. Keep a bottle of Iodine or Betadine to spray around the pads. If you are in a damp area and they're walking on a lot of damp ground a good spraying with one of these on their pads will toughen them up which Cheap Ray Bans Fake help prevent them from getting foot rot.
When you really need to do any other care for the llamas and you've got them in the chute spend the additional time to check their feet and trim claws if needed, and you will keep ahead of this . Done on a regular basis, your llamas can get use to you Timberland Shop Sydney handling their feet and legs, and to them it will become normal.
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