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Old 12-04-2013, 12:00 PM
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Default 75 Sometimes they're interesting vqe

Labor's home insulation disaster
Sometimes they're interesting; 99.9 per cent of the time they are not. An example of one that is not, from the Greens, that came in yesterday: they welcome Rio's attempt to protect the new crab. God, who cares? Let's be honest. I mean, that's the kind of press release that is a waste of paper that you'd think that the Greens could be well aware of, but a more interesting press release that actually did come through today it is a bit of a Dorothy Dixer question for our next guest, which is Senator Simon Birmingham from the Opposition front bench. Senator, thanks for your company. Good to be with you. It's an interesting point, where he experiences a whole range of issues where, actually, there are installers and so forth that really still owe money back to the Government. Senator, I'll just ask you to take us through the details. There's letters of demand to installers and so forth jump on from there that have got huge amount of money of taxpayers' money that's still owing. There, indeed, is about $25/$26 million of taxpayer Nike Sneaker Heels Boots funds still to be recovered under this program and they have gone to invoice companies that they think are still in operation Nike Air Max Tn 2013 around 2000 invoices have been sent out to those companies. Now, you found this in Senate Estimates just today, was it? Yesterday. Uggs Montreal Most of that money just will not be recovered and it's vanished into people's pockets around the country. They claim to be in the Abercrombie Melbourne final stages of negotiations with the debt collection agency but that's where we're as much as, it seems, under this Government at present we have a department of Environment engaging debt collection agencies to try to get money back from people that the Government gave to them in the first place. Now, you have come out publicly [Peter clarifies below] which, let's be honest, as a Liberal moderate is a great thing in my view and you're simply in favour of gay marriage. You have done that where most of your colleagues probably aren't certainly, the conservative wing of the party is unlikely to be in favour of it. Now, we also have a situation that's developed now where Tony Abbott makes it clear to his front bench and you are a member of that that he expects these to vote as a bloc because there is dedication from the last election the Coalition would not support a spinal manipulation to the Marriage Act. We've not seen legislation be brought to that party room up to now. As you well know, the legislation's [Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 and Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012] only been introduced in the Belstaff Australia Buy last day or two in relation to samesex marriage, so it can come to the Coalition party room that's where I've established that I'll get to have my say and my firm belief, as I've said on the record before, is that this ought to be a matter of conscience vote. I mean, the reality is that Tony Abbott is expecting his front bench to vote as a bloc to honour an election commitment from the last election. Whatever the design of the legislation that gets put forward, in essence you support the concept of gay marriage. Now, those two things don't Nike Free Sydney go together it's a square hole, round block. It's also an issue that a large proportion of Australians aren't terribly fussed Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags Uk about in either case, and that's probably the bulk of all Australians, however for those extreme views of each side, the one appeal I'd make is, let's possess a sensible Fake Oakleys Outlet debate this year and let's haven't one that doesn't involve slanging at each other but, you realize, I'll be taking my views, as I've made clear before, to the party room and I will be having my debate there and then we'll see where which goes once the party room's formalised the Coalition position. I had been referring to the fact that you came out towards the concept of gay marriage but, about this issue, doing that, you were one of the few Liberals that actually did that, in the process of this debate late last year. I think that's the important threshold question for that Liberal Party to debate. I do not think we should any more tie our Members one way than we should in the other. Hopefully we can still achieve that but I understand Tony's Nike Lunar argument and it is Ralph Lauren Sale Uk Clearance an essential one about wanting to honour his word to the electorate and so we've got to sort out those competing issues of there being a diversity of views however the Liberal Party has often been described as a broad church. Some, like yourself sometimes, criticise it as being not being broad enough. Well, hopefully I'm living proof that we are still a broad church and now we can have these debates but do them sensibly and constructively. I am talking about, Liberals say that in media conferences constantly yet at the same time you depend on that, or at least Joe Hockey does, when attempting to say that the surplus is going to be achieved as the Opposition claims. This means the books have to be thrown open prior to the campaign, or at the beginning of the campaign, which of course means we will be able to lay out costings to state we will bring the budget to surplus if, indeed, it's still in deficit, as I suspect it will likely be under the Labor Government, or, if it is in surplus, we can forecast how big our surpluses may be but, you know, in the end, Wayne Swan is the current Treasurer; if he's claiming it's going back into surplus, well then we'll keep it in surplus I've got no doubt about it but if it's in deficit, then we'll tell you how long it will take to get it back to surplus but we'll get there.
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