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Old 04-25-2012, 08:21 PM
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Post FHA giving away our tax dollars again

And the fight against deflation wages on.

Effective June 1st FHA will allow previous FHA buyers to do NO APPRAISAL refi's and keep their same MI rates. Only way this doesn't turn into a deflation fighting tool is if people put that money away for retirement or into savings in general...

But we all know that is not likely to happen. How much will a few extra hundred bucks a month in FHA owners help inflation? Time will tell but like I have said on here MANY times the government is not going to stop trying to inflate the economy and destroy the dollar value as a way to monetize our collective debt. If you are a saver, the government hates you.
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Old 04-25-2012, 08:22 PM
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Join Date: Apr 2012
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Post be a Patriot --- invest in risky assets!

This entire economic catastrophe could be characterized as the 'final solution' to eliminate the 1% 'coupon clippers' class once and for all.

I doubt most reading this even remember what coupon clippers are. They are the 1% who (used to) live solely on the interest payments from bonds. They had so much money, they could live an extravagant lifestyle living by investing their cash horde on bonds and living on bond interest alone.

Now that bond yields are DOA due to Fed policy to keep interest rates at 0% -- the coupon clippers, and the 99%-ers who save -- are forced to buy riskier assets.
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Old 04-25-2012, 08:25 PM
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Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 45
Post Okay, here's **BREAKING NEW** for landlords!!!!!

(first just let me give you some advice: if your tires are low, you inflate them with air; if your rents are 'inflate them' by extracting additional consumer surplus from your residents.)

Page One....

Okay, the ** BREAKING NEWS ** is this:

1) Everyone looking at our 'affordable' studios ($1445) is in an angry mood.

2) Why the anger? here's what the 99%-ers are telling us when we do a showing:

"Why am I moving? I'll TELL you why. I just got a $150 rent increase!"

"Well we love our current place but we got a $100 rent increase!"

"My complex just gave every apartment a $75 a month rent increase. And they are cancelling our free cable TV and free Internet."

Page Two.....

This is how we're working hard as landlords in this Fast Market to maximize everything:

"So this is the studio? And you're asking $1445 for this?"

'No, sorry, the $1445 studio in the ad -- we rented that, uh....JUST THIS MORNING. Yes we did, uh--at 10:30am, right before your appointment, sorry!'

"Okay - So how much is this one?"

'This one? Well, the reason I'm showing you THIS one is -- I felt bad about us having rented the one we were going to show you! Because we haven't even put this unit on the market yet. So we're giving YOU first dibs on it!'

"Okay - the one that got taken was $1445 -- how much IS this one?"

'This one is better, it's closer to the front of the complex -- we're asking $1650 for it.'

KEY STRATEGY TAKE-AWAY: In a 'fast market', leverage the opacity of how many units in your complex are available to make REAL-TIME ADJUSTMENTS to asking rents.
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