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Old 12-31-2013, 10:18 PM
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Default going southbound--ot

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It's difficult to spot every pickpocket, no matter how careful you are, because pickpockets generally camouflage themselves. They're very careful not to fit the common conception of criminals. Many dress like wealthy businessmen and women; Woolrich London others carry babies, who they use to hide what their hands are doing.
In that way, such knowledge could present emotional challenges. Other folks might find they have a sibling or other relative that they did not know about, indicating reproductive shenanigans occurred in their family, which could cause family turmoil. TMI could not only have major psychological consequences, but also lead to unnecessary treatments..
Apologies in advance for a very niche question . I commute to and from work on the BDFM trains in New York City. I've noticed that between the Rockefeller Center stop (4750th St) and the Bryant Park stop (42nd St) going southbound, the express trains (BD) switch sides with the local trains (FM). In other words, looking in the direction the trains travel heading south, at 50th st, the BD trains are on your right and the FM trains are on your left, whereas at 42nd st they are reversed.
I think a good strategy for news sites in this environment is to cooperate to some degree w/ aggregators (Flipboard, Zite Google News can drive traffic). But still try and make a great user experience on their sites. Otherwise content producers wind up in the lowmargin, commodity position they been afraid of ever since people started calling everything "content.".
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