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Old 12-06-2013, 05:34 AM
hyqlywegrf9 hyqlywegrf9 is offline
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Default bpx -- of course I'm glad you didn't kick me within the nuts fvd

haha see kana this is the response i was expecting. that one guy is just too nice.
oh well, it is kinda hard for me to meet people ya knows. it simply seems like the oppurtunity never arrives. even when i actually do leave the house. oh and that i know some1 will say its because im so ed up psychologically and all sorts of that(hey it could be the truth for all i know, crazy ppl appear to get off easier anyway it appears). something just occured to me w(why)tf am i even bothering with this particular reply. hummm, life has its mysteries.
First, you want to make DrSin and CSHP out to function as the bad guys. Canada Goose Parka Women While I certainly agree it's not the best solution out there, and tends to be overzealous in it's definition of "impure" Adidas Wings 2.0 clients, it's certainly done better for this community than the two of you.
Then you try to make the server admins out to be villians as well. I mean it's just obviously their fault for not giving into your will and abandoning the only available cheat protection. Those fiends!
Finally, after going on about how you'll continue to develop your little aimbot, whatever the consequences to players, with some of the shoddiest logic seen this side of a Supra Shoes Justin Bieber bad star trek episode, and a general disregard for anyone who isn't you, you go off and try and paint everyone in this forum as baddies as well.
You're right, you shouldn't have expected anything else, because your attitude sucks, and you're quite frankly nothing but a blight on this community, unable to contribute anything positive even when god himself came down and gave the blueprints.
And these are the people you want to haggle with, Namu? And that you think are such a great addition to the community here, Dopefish? Feck, if that is true, then I want out. Without having the balls to play games like they were meant to be why don't you go play pokemon (not that you don't cheat Nike Air Jordan Heels Australia there). Noone in his Ralph Lauren Home right mind can stand up and claim that he didn't create an aimbot without other reason, than ruining the game for other people, and "helping" skillless kids to cheat?
Even though you suddenly defected to the light side making a kickass protection that dwarfs CSHP, I'd only install it over ,y dead corpse. Which only prooves your personality as egoistical, trolling, nothing respecting m0tard. Would not it be more rewarding to be respected throughout the community for a cool mod you've made? (don't say cheaters respect you. Those individuals just don't have the right to talk about respect)Despite your Nazi comment , that was pretty stupid, I agreed with you first. But now yousei has prooven that he's against anything this community means, against any values we try to teach newbies, and what we hold holy. Yes I think Nike Shox 2013 we can ban people, not because we don't like them, or don't agree with them, but because they are against our goals and values. Values we all try to enforce, but are tarnished by brats like himRespect? Does yousei have respect for all of us? Hell no. Anyone who publicly advocates the worst form of cheating doesn't deserve to be respected. Neither are you able to expect to be greeted with understanding, despite any faked and false agruments about wanting an adult discussion (mature aimbot coder is a major oxymoron) he spouts out.
It can make you worse than a cheater. A cheater ruins the few games he's in. The people who make the cheats ruin countless games. That's what it comes down to.
Whenever you release a bot, all you are doing to Dr. Sin, is giving him a week's price of work to beat it, but you are ruining hundreds and hundreds of games for innocent people who never did anything to you. You say you're a gamer. A gamer would not do anything to ruin games for hundreds of other gamers. You know how it made you are feeling when someone cheated you in Diablo, you hated it, it truly made you upset. Whenever you release your bot, you are making hundreds of people feel the same manner. You are making hundreds of gamers feel as bad as you felt when you got cheated.
Kana, you say we shouldn't be upset with you for releasing aimbots and ruining games, because you could be releasing worse aimbots and ruining more games. That logic really doesn't make sense. Yes, I'm glad you aren't releasing the worse aimbots that would ruin more games. Obviously I am. But I'm still upset about all the games that you have ruined for me. You don't have to ruin any games whatsoever, but you have ruined an unbelievable number of games. You have to understand that people are going to be upset along with you for ruining their games. You are saying I should thank you for punching me in the face because you could have kicked me within the nuts. Well, of course I'm glad you didn't kick me within the nuts, but I'm not likely to thank you for punching me hard. I'm going to be unhappy about it. Review your own analogy. You ask when we would rather have our leg broken or our couch broken. Obviously we would rather have our couch broken, but we'd still be unhappy about it. We would still be upset with the person breaking our couch. Please don't break any more couches.
I never did anything to you, why are you ruining my fun? I've got a real stressful job and all I want is to be able to have some fun playing UT with my Louboutin Pigalle Sizing buddies. Why are you taking that away from me? I'm able to send you demos of some of these bots ruining games that i'm in. It just sucks. Even when I am good enough to alter my gameplay to stay out of the line of site and dodge alot to ensure that I have a chance against the bots, most people on my team are not usually that good. CTF is a team game. If most of my team is totally being slaughtered with a bot on the other side, the game is simply no fun.
You've proven everything you have set out Abercrombie Perth to prove. You may make a bot that does those things. You can make a bot better than CSHP. Please stop now. Let us enjoy our game. I just want to play UT with my buddies and not have the game ruined by an aimbotter turning up. Maybe you don't realize the kind of people who use your bots. They don't show up on the servers and use their bots and talk about how they are making a point about the problems with CSHP. They show up cursing and spamming on and on on and on about how they own everyone. They reveal up to ruin games. When they are caught, they refuse to turn off the bot and play fair. Their attitude really sucks.
Please stop helping them, they aren't true gamers. I am a true gamer. Help me. All you have to do is stop making bots. If you just stop making bots, that would be the biggest thing you could possibly do to help gamers at this time.
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