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Old 12-25-2013, 01:00 AM
sgaejayf3 sgaejayf3 is offline
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Default YC 39 Allow me to break this down to the two things I need 01

We wish to announce that a new awesome feature has become available the long awaited newsletter functionality. It was one of a most popular wishes on the feedback site. It allows site admins to transmit a private message to all site members in one step. You can use wikidot syntax in the messages.
In the last few days we introduced a few more improvements to Wikidot. It prevents admins from accidentally breaking forum structure or losing treatments for site.
To keep track of all changes, new features and bug fixes check our changelog.
Well they weren't working as before. I had no warning and so i tried to edit one which broke it further. Some of the the codes work and some of it doesn't. The rest of the stuff about tags I don't understand, Helmuti, I'm sorry but that is all beyond me.
From my perspective this is extremely frustrating. One day my pages are fine and subsequently day they are not and I'm locked out of them. I'm an unhappy customer at this time. Oakley Glasses Frames Australia I don't know how to begin to fix these little problems. Apparently wikidot withholds the right to lock me out of my very own pages and then the problems all mine. Fair, not. The truth Canada Goose Outlet Montreal that some people accidentally delete Oakley Jawbone Prescription Lenses Australia their forums shouldn't affect all users control of their forums across the board. I'm not being stubborn here. Everyone need to really understand that a sizable majority of your users are not tech experts and once they figure something out, sudden big changes throw them for a loop.
I do appreciate the responses though. I just don't know how to fix this. There have been iFrames which no longer function. I am unable to remove them. Now we see "no valid codeblock found". Basically could fix that and the forum thread pages I would be happy. Well, I would be satisfied. But frankly, I beginning to think I made a massive mistake in building my site here since apparently, Oakley Eyewear Sydney after the day, I can lose control from it.
My suggestion to make it helping for you . the team could reload from a backup ( Cheap Canada Goose Canada have You one done and saved?) the final revesions from last wek, or month building on the renamed renamed:forum:start page
than we have not control over it, but the content (iframed htmlcode's ) are safed.
The other point is a clear brake within the usages of "special" file/pages withtheir category.
This is Parajumpers Sale Montreal not a naming convention ( like no special characters) but a complete forbidden category.
A big change without warning too.
I'd brought some customers from me to build their inner documentation here on wikidot.
Because of clear rules and a long foundation of truth and relationship.
I do not think I have a Buy Ghd Straighteners current enough backup. It had been on my list of the next thing to do but my list is long. However, the "page source" is intact. It is simply I can't actually edit.
In my experience, this is a case of sweeping an issue under the rug. People misunderstand the forum pages and so destroy their forums. I'm sure wikidot gets lots of messages relating to this. I'm sure it's annoying. Solution. Hide the problem away with no regard for long established sites. I expect this to become fixed. My trust has been violated by wikidot willfully breaking my pages and I see no effort to even apologize let alone address this problem. I have a large amount of people in my industry asking me whether I think they should start a site here. What should I tell them? I understand "use at your own risk" but I see no effort here to prevent the fallout from this big change.
Allow me to break this down to the two things I need:The categories are in the bottom of the page. I need them back in place.
And I would be fine with the iFrames being removed so that the error codes on all the forum pages go away. I can do without the iFrames.
What I want, however, is to have control over my pages back. And that's what I really should have.
Thank you. Yes, I edited and saved the web pages and everything is good to go. That made it very simple and it took me about 5 seconds to fix everything. I do appreciate it. And sorry that I seemed upset. The site means a great deal to me! This was almost like returning home and finding my living room rearranged and the furniture nailed down. Hopefully this also solves the larger problem as well for wikidot.
Now I can benefit from the new newsletter feature which I was very jazzed about however it was tainted by this forum problem. Thanks for your attention to this Gabry and thank you Helmuti for all your explanation and attention to the problem. I need to learn about iftags with _templates so that is my next wikidot project and i'll check those links. "How to cover for real the hidden forums" is an extremely welcome link.
Note that since the URL is in quotation marks it can contain spaces. If I had used an ordinary wikidot link I could not have included spaces, and for that reason I could not have set the page title. There is still a problem with slashes, but my users have not found it yet and there's a snippet that fixes that.
The drawback to using an image, of course, is you need an image, whereas all of those other site might use boxed text for buttons. It's more work, and it wont look right.
The brand new link syntax allows me to enter URL's that are delimited by "" and therefore, theoretically, I can include spaces Uggs Australia in them.
Also behind the curtain a bit, is the new version 2 API that is currently in development. The methods are much more powerful, providing choice of pages with just as much control (or even more) than ListPages has. Of course, this could only be useful for developers for the time being but other regular Wikidot users will hopefully take advantage of the apps that we make.
There are many unfinished things I'd like to see completed Data Forms, the ListUsers module, and private categories. But Wikidot is keeping themselves busy implementing other things so I have nothing to complain about
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