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Old 12-23-2013, 07:52 AM
hyhoiwnxrf7 hyhoiwnxrf7 is offline
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Default 88I THIS STINKSsf

discoveries in Afghanistan of unknown deposits including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium worth as much as $1 trillion. Yay, freedom for rocks! That what we should been fighting for, right?
Stop the presses: Tom Ricks points out that massive levels of underground mineral wealth is definitely a part of the known Afghan landscape. Here a study on his blog by John Stuart Blackton, a retired Senior Foreign Officer and former professor of Security Policy in the National War College:
The discovery of Afghanistan minerals will sound pretty silly to old timers. After i was living in Kabul in the early 1970 the USG, the Russians, the World Bank, the UN and Ghd Hair Straightener Myer others were all highly focused on the number of Afghan mineral deposts. The Russian geological service was all over the North in the 60 and 70
Cheap methods for moving the ore to ocean ports has always been the limiting factor. The Russians were looking at a northern rail corridor.
So that was a while back. did find new deposits, it didn find them recently; the studies where the New York Times piece are based were from 2007, and they been available online, along with aerial maps and other info, for years. What new, he says, is the $1 trillion figure:
Risen suggests was generated by a Pentagon task force seeking to help the Afghan government develop its resources (exploring the chart accompanying the article, though, it looks a straightforward tabulation of the total reserve figures for Nike Air Max 2013 Canada each mineral times current the current market price). According to Risen, that task force has begun prepping the mining ministry to start soliciting bids for mineral rights within the fall.
Don get me wrong. This could be a great thing for Afghanistan, which certainly needs a lucky break after the hell it been through over the last three decades.
But I (a) skeptical of this $1 trillion figure; (b) skeptical from the timing of this story, because of the bad news cycle, and (c) skeptical that Afghanistan can definitely figure out a way to develop these resources in a useful way. It also worth noting, as Risen does, that it'll take years to get any of these things out of the Nike Air Vortex Toronto ground, not to mention enormous capital investment. can win the war against the Taliban.
As he also notes, the Wall Street Journal were built with a piece in January noting Ghd Stockists Dublin that Afghanistan minerals management services are about as effective and possibly twice as corrupt as the Nike Air Max 2010 Canada one we got over here.
Quick, someone tell me how this doesn end in at least shortterm disaster?
I am sorry, but Afghanistan continues to be mired in the 6th Century. The likelihood of them taking advantage of their mineral deposits in an effective way are the same as putting a McDonald's on the moon. We have lost over a one thousand troops (so far) in Afghanistan and we are not even close to gaining control. The final person to have somewhat treatments for the area known as Afghanistan was Alexander the truly amazing, who was a student of Aristotle, who was a student of Plato, who was students of Socrates. In my opinion, Afghanistan is a futile make an effort to waste lives.
I'm reading that Afghanistan could be the "Saudi Arabia of lithium." I early 2009 the NYT said exactly the same thing about Bolivia. In 2008, Forbes said it Ghd Online Store Australia about Chile. Regardless, it's discouraging that Saudi Arabia is the ideal for anything. The best expect the state of Afghanistan may be a wealthy elite that is unaccountable to the people, but that's hardly the very best scenario for the average Afghan or for the world. If the Obama administration really wants to stimulate hope for the future of Afghanistan, it ought to show us some amazing turnaround in the area of governance. Unfortunately, that appears to be impossible.
Even if these were new discoveries, problem: any mountains are likely to be the source of minerals that's where the earth's crust has been upended and interior parts thrust up to the surface where you can more easily inspect it.
Next Nepal. China may discover vast mineral deposits. Everest may be good for something besides climbing (and being left behind, blind, to freeze to death).
The Saudi Arabia of lithium sure. What we need in the world is another crazy country with unlimited $. (Tho perhaps if all of us were dosed with lithium, Nike Air Max 1 Premium the planet might be a calmer place.) Plus it wouldn't even help the Afghans (not the dogs) I met a Saudi once. He's emigrated in the hope of finding a better life economically. And Afghanistan already is the major source of a very lucrative product, one of the world's most lucrative (next to armaments), along with a fat lot of good that's completed to the average Afghan.
What interests me about the valuation of Afghanistan mineral deposits is the timing of the announcement cheap General Petraeus was involved. The report follows close on the heels of the London School Of Economics are convinced that publicized Pakistan continued support for that Taliban in Afghanistan just as the Kandahar offensive is getting underway. The revelation to the fact that Pakistan has been playing both ends against the middle in Afghanistan is likely to erode support for that occupation by reminding the American public once again how complicated and difficult the task of nation building in South Asia really is. As you may recall, General Petraeus contended in his famous Counter Insurgency Manual that it was a failure of Ghd Straighteners Repairs Ireland the will from the American people that caused us to stop on Vietnam. My guess is Petraeus is attempting to put some iron and some gold and lithium into our spines. taxpayer because we are able to exploit Iraq's oil reserves. Hahahaha! Notice that "no net cost" ignores dead American soldiers, displaced, delimbed, and dead Iraqi civilians. Thus do people in Congress value human life. Soldiers are mostly from the serf class in America, so do not count. voters and have absolutely no value to Congress. So, because of the twisted logic that predominates in the usa, this all makes sense.
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