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Old 10-04-2005, 12:07 PM
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Lightbulb Mortgage Brokers, Loan Originators, and Entreprenuers

Mortgage Brokers, Loan Originators, and Entreprenuers:
We would like to offer a wonderful service to you and help you to increase your business. To do this we give you the opportunity to turn your denied deals into funded deals. Don't worry, you will not have to lower your commissions. You will be able to close on dead deals, due to the client's low FICO, bankruptcies, tax liens,
foreclosures, lack of income or employment verification, lack of US social security number, or other red tape.
99.9% approved! We offer a single digit fixed rate, no check credits, no income verification, no up front closing costs, and no pre-payment penalties! Our program is based on a 10% consideration (Down Payment), 3 verified references, and the ability to pay the monthly payments. Wouldn't you love to offer this to your clients? How many deals could you close on that were denied previously?
For more detailed information on how our program works you can read the information on our website. Our website is located at:
We will soon be adding a commercial program to help you close on denied commercial deals. We have multiple opportunities for mortgage brokers to increase funded deals. Our current programs are our acquisition program (purchase), reacquisition program (cash out refinance), and reinstatement program (Pre-foreclosure help to bring current mortgage payments up to date)(Commercial - Coming Soon).
Because we can report to the credit bureaus, mortgage brokers can also earn commissions by refinancing the home for the buyer, once the buyer's credit score is up to an acceptable level for traditional financing.
There are a few options for helping mortgage brokers and buyers with our no credit check home program:

For option one, which has no up front fees, you would submit your denied deals through our website. You will be closing deals that would not have brought you any commission without our program. For every application that you submit, with your broker code, you would be able to charge a 2% origination fee for originating the investor loan. If you would like to partner with us, using this partnership option, please email us at with 'Partnership Program' in the subject line. Include your company name, your name, your address, telephone number, and email address. I will then send you to a website to enter your information and you will receive an email with your broker code and start up directions. You'll be directed to a page to download the paper applications to use and a flier about the program.

Option 2 would be to enroll as an Enterprise Partner with our no credit check home program. You would receive a website, similar to our website, specifically designed with your company name and contact information. Your website will also contain your back office where you will find many marketing materials and support for yourself, your clients, your partners/employees, flash presentations, pages of marketing materials, a free internet marketing campaign worth over $700, weekly support calls and training sessions, priority application processing, and you will also be able to receive training materials, training workshops for your whole company, and much more. You may hire a staff, or train your exisiting staff, using the tools provided. You can work with other mortgage brokers for free and have them bringing in deals for you. You will get paid .75% commission for every deal that a broker or originator, who partners with you, which ends up as a funded deal. As an Enterprise Partner you will receive the full 2% origination fee on every deal that you or your partners submit. The cost to enroll as an Enterprise Partner is a one time fee of $995 until Friday Oct., 28 2005. After Friday then it goes up $1495.00.

Option 3, to enroll as a Professional Partner, is for the use of a 1 - 2 person company. Professional Partners will not be able to offer the commercial program and will only receive .60% on every funded deal. This option will cost $349.00 paid yearly.

For more information on our Enterprise and Professional Partner Programs please visit:

If you would like us to help you close on these dead deals, please send me an email at with 'Partnership
Program' in the subject line. Please state whether you want to partner with us, enroll as an Enterprise Partner, or enroll as a Professional Partner.

If you want to enroll as an Enterprise Partner now, please visit:

Enterprise Partner Enrollment

To enroll as a Professional Partner now, please visit:

Professional Partner Enrollment

Thank you, and we look forward to helping to increase your business and your income. Please feel free to reply with any questions.

* All Enterprise / Area Marketing Managers are provided with a complete marketing and support package immediately upon payment of enrollment fee.

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