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Private Money - Same Day Funding by Real Business Loans, LLC
Private Money - Same Day Funding by Real Business Loans, LLC

We provide private money that can be utilized by a customer to solve a problem or to take advantage of an opportunity. Funding can take place within one hour of file review and communicating with closing agent and buyer and sellers. We can assist a client (corporations only) in taking advantage of an opportunity. For example, the purchasing of a real estate parcel dramatically below fair market value. Having the skill & ability to close a loan quickly can lead to a tremendous upside benefit to the client.


Loans may be repaid at any time without penalty.

Use of proceeds:
Real estate purchases.

Loan to value:

Facilitation Fees:
Instead of equity in your company we will include a fee of up 25% of loan amount upon closing.


Loan Size:
From $25,500 to $10 Million.

Flexible to None

Private Money Same Day Funding by Real Business Loans, LLC


Everything's Business...
Owner / Director
25 Greystone Manor
Lewes,DE 19958
tel: 1-800-516-7382
fax: 1-916-560-5287

Please go to the Affiliate Website of of USREAL-ESTATE.COM, INC. and review all Information carefully and thoroughly. When you are ready to apply for a Loan, please use the Apply Now Online Forms to get a quick Pre-Approval. You also can use helpful tools to make the Financing Process easier, also accessible on the Affiliate Website of USREAL-ESTATE.COM, INC..USREAL-ESTATE.COM, INC. is being compensated via Referral Commissions. The Difference between your work with Loan Consultants or Mortgage Brokers and the Services offered by USREAL-ESTATE.COM, INC as a Marketing Affiliate of Real Business Loans, LLC., is that you don't have to sign certain Fee Agreements and USREAL-ESTATE.COM, INC, is not allowed to assist you directly in the Financing Process in any way. Please visit the Marketing Affiliate Website of USREAL-ESTATE.COM, INC. today to receive more details. USREAL-ESTATE.COM, INC. is solely advertising the Services of Real Business Loans, LLC as a Marketing Affiliate.

It is stated herein that USREAL-ESTATE.COM is a Marketing Affiliate of Real Business Loans, LLC. and neither a Licensed Mortgage Broker nor a Consultant.

USREAL-ESTATE.COM, INC. has not the allowance for:

soliciting or offering to make a mortgage loan;

explaining or recommending specific terms, conditions or benefits of any mortgage loan available from or through a licensee or registrant, whether or not the borrower has made or makes an application;

obtaining personal or financial information from the borrower;

assisting the borrower with the preparation of a mortgage loan application or other documents; or,

explaining any term or aspect of any disclosure or agreement given at or after a mortgage loan application is received.

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