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Old 09-28-2005, 06:24 AM
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Default Details on money back at close duplex purchase Indpls IN

Just finished up on transaction concerning duplex in Indianapolis, IN
. Here are the details and someone I would not ever use again for a
note buyer as well.


Found listing in local paper - $26,000 Duplex
Out of Pocket up front money - $400 for appraisial
Cash back at close - $1028
Method of fiance - Private note of $40,800 mort 30 yr fixed at 11%
interest balloon after 5 yrs
icome on property - $970/mo. when both sides rented (one side
currently rented)


Found listing for duplex in local paper called Indianapolis Star.
Listed price was $26,000. This was Novemeber of 2001. Started with
mortgage company called Mortgage Star which after less than two months
sent me a letter saying *I* had withdrawn my application which I did

Less than a month later broker/agent was dealing with from Mortgage
Star named Shawntina Archer contacted me and told me she was working
for other company now called CaCarteret Mortgage (out of Centreville
VA). Resubbmitted application, and over the course of the next SEVERAL
months finally ending in late April I was promised over and over that
there would be a close and that all was well just one more thing ..
one more thing etc... Loan was for $35,000 (appraised value $50,000)
mort over 30 yr fixed @ 8.5 % - locked in for months. Finally seller
was getting tired of the waid and so was I after almost six months of
delays. Called to tell agent that this had to close by end of April
(about a week after call) or I was in danger of losing the property
due to their delays.

Higher up individual in the company was called back and forth several
times and told me again and again that it would close. Then finally
with only a few days left in the month she told me out of the blue
that it was not going to close. Her only reason given 'there are alot
of underwriters and one of them must not have liked what they saw'.
Had to finally call my attorney to try to get a better answer. They
have till the 15th of this month to respond as nothing dramatic
changed in all those months for the loan to suddenly be denied.

Beginning of May found a private note buyer via posting at America's
Note buyers website. Had about five overall interested in the note -
went ahead and dealt with the first that started any paperwork with
although looking back I wish I had gone ahead and dropped him for
another buyer.

Reason being is that when I first posted note the terms read as
follows: $35,000 note at 8.5% over 30 yrs no prepay penalty. Sell for
$30,000. The note buyer expressed interest in buying note - wanted it
to be a $40,000 note with balloon in 5 years at 11% for $30,000. OK
property would support it. Agreed.

Then after starting paperwork (promissory note, sales contract sent,
title work started, etc) he comes back with oh by the way there is a
penalty if this is paid off before two years. Gritted teeth and
continued although was not liking the change since I had planned on
refiancing after a year. Then later still he comes up with another oh
by the way there is a $800 fee for processing that can either be paid
at close or added to note. Went ahead and redid paperwork for third
time at this point to include the fee.

Finally we get to close on May 22nd after starting at the beginning of
May and all paperwork being approved by seller, buyer (me) and note
buyer. Note now is for $40,800 at 11% interest mort over 30yrs with
balloon in 5 yrs with 2 yr prepay penalty.

After close the note buyer STILL is hounding me demanding that the
promissory note (which he created and sent to me) and the assignment
of mortgage need to be redone . Note due to dated one day off from top
date that he put in and bottom date that it was notarized on. Went and
resigned and called to tell seller. Note buyer was threatening me
saying he was going to terminate the deal if he did not get those docs
by the 31st of May (when he requested the redo on May 24th just before
holiday weekend). The title company resent all docs overnight on May
29th, and finally note buyer E-mailed that he got the docs and the
deal was still on.

Long post....but it's been an even longer 6 - 7 months working on this

Note buyer is Osemwota Omoigui (Dr. Sota), and I will never work with
him again due to I feel he was not up front and honest about what
terms he was demanding in the beginning and he constantly demanded
things that were not in my control or my responsibility. Example being
he wanted PMI on private note, wanted the HUD1 statement weeks before
close, wanted me to send and fill out paperwork that is done though
the title and insurance companies etc etc.

Hope this was a good use of my time and yours in posting this. This is
only my second property and been investing for less than a year.


Debbie Harland
BlueWolf Properties, LLC
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Old 09-04-2006, 04:47 AM
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I have not ever made use of small private lenders for my RE investments. Sounds like that is a good thing, even though smaller lenders may offer better rates.

Sorry you went through this.
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Old 09-04-2006, 07:59 AM
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You want to go with a company that you know and trust, not someone who is just 2-3 people and doesn't have a presense in the market. Larger companies are known by banks and get better interest rates, anyway.
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Old 09-04-2006, 09:54 AM
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Default Sorry to hear...

Hello Debbie,

Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble. It happens when dealing with new investors. I keep in contact with many experienced investors and note companies so that my clients do not have to go through the hassle that you did. It doesn't mean that we don't come across a situation sometimes but, at least it is settled before 6-7 months.

Thank you for telling us your story and informing us.
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