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Old 12-08-2013, 09:38 AM
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Default IN fluid effects eo

I have heard many aspiring 3D artists ask for help in deciding whether to learn 3ds Max or Maya, yet it seems like a lot of the pros tend to dismiss or scoff in the question. I have explored our prime and low for both to find a definitive message. After a little research and handson experience, I find Maya to be more comprehensive than 3ds Max, while 3ds tends to be more intuitive and has a slightly less steep learning curve. However it goes much deeper than this. You may still wonder "Why and how." To simplify, I'm happy to share my views!
Before I begin with the details, it is important for you to realize that Maya and 3ds are under the Autodesk umbrella. 3ds Max has belonged to the Autodesk brand for many years. Autodesk acquired Maya recently. Both are considered industry standard for modeling, animation and rendering. Autodesk Womens Ugg Boots chose to not merge the two competing products simply because an entire generation of professionals had become extremely skilled at Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses For Sale using one or the other program.
In many ways, Maya and 3ds Max are very similar. We use the Transform gizmo in Max to maneuver, rotate, and scale an object. Maya uses a similar tool. Max still does have some features that are more fun and intuitive to use. On the other hand, I find Maya to be a refreshing improvement to much of the functionality that 3ds Max has to offer. Both Maya and Max use Mental Ray as the secondary rendering engine, giving the artist the ability to achieve a photorealistic look.
Max has always focused on game designers. Contrary to this, Maya has its own focus on CG film animation. Broadly, they carry out the same tasks; they can model, render, and animate. However, talking about differencesWhat is the 'big' difference if Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 they are so similar? Wellthe Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts Online difference is based on their strengths and weaknesses.
Max has become extremely popular in architectural and visualization market. Hanging around and TV/Broadcast market, Maya and Max have equal influence. However, Maya dominates Max within the Film industry.
If you are an aspiring game designer, Max might be a better choice primarily due to its character rigging, motion capture handling, and animation layering. Maya, on the other hand, is known for its fluid effects. Therefore the next time you want to play with pyrotechnics such as fire, explosions, and nuclear blasts; space for example clouds, steam, mist, fog, smoke, and viscous effects for example molten lave and mud, Maya will do the trick. A CG film animator may find Maya to be a better deal.
After being acquainted with Maya, I was inclined towards it, particularly, due to its NURBS modeling. For those unfamiliar with NURBS, they are complex surfaces Nike Cortez Womens Shoes with low face count. For example, if you want to create a sphere using polygons, you might end up using over 100 faces. With Maya's NURB modeling, you'll be able to create the shape with a single face. There aren't any limits to your creativity. Imagine an animation with Michael Kors Handbags Uk Stockists water seeping down rocksThat's Maya!
A comparison between the two is no rocket science. This is a comparison table that will help you make an informed decision.
So getting back to the original question, 'Which should I choose, 3ds or Maya?' I find the paint tools, fluid effects, and NURBS modeling in Maya to become simply brilliant. However, now you ask , not which program is preferable, but what will you use the software for.
I learned many times that you won be taken seriously in the CG film industry if you don't know Maya. While 3ds Max and Maya appear to be used in equal measure in gaming development, Max is considered the industry standard for gaming.
It vital that you settle on your software of preference before getting started. Some artists consider considering a switch from one to the other, but once you are adept at one of them, it best to stick to it. I find no sense in making a switch as each program involves a high learning curve. Once you are skilled at working Canada Goose Toronto with either one, there Adidas Jeremy Scott Bones Uk is very little difference in what you can create. It's all about how you use the right tools.
It must be pointe dout that yes, out of the box, Maya is defintiely the better product. HOWEVER, the universe of plugins for MAX far outweigh what is available for Maya, and those plugins can often allow Max to do things better still than Maya or at the very least provide equal capability (such as fluids). Also, Maya has a reputation for being far buggier than Max.
In reality, I have not decided on one of the other yet still n that process. However i aware of these realities. I probably leaning towards Maya, although not looking forward to Louis Vuitton Shoes Outlet the notoriously Discount Tiffany Australia harder learning curve.
I used Max for a year and felt modelling was ok
MAX: Modelling: Max uses a Polo Ralph Lauren Uk Factory Store Stack work flow that permits you to move up and down to view your history as you model. It is intuitive but feels a little how can I say. almost child like. so simple. But having said that, it is easy to master which makes it more desirable than Maya.
Many artists shy away from the Air Max 1 Online Maya interface because there are hidden (right click interface tools ) that must be mastered to understand the Maya workflow. This workflow becomes very intuitive once mastered and can be faster than Max. A professional will use a Wacom tablet which is where Maya shines with its right click interface. you can change from vertex,edge,face in nano Woolrich Canada seconds
Most users like Max BiPed system since it's intuitive and allows you to produce a rig in seconds. the poly cage is weighted well in Max straight Abercrombie And Fitch Australia Careers out of the box this used to be the main attraction for optimum. but now both Maya Max are turning perfectly into a new Rigging tool called Characterisation. Maya uses a new technique when weighting a mesh called Map that is very fast and accurate ( great job Autodesk )
Texture mapping still sucks in Maya but having said this most pros will export to ZMesh to unwrap a mesh.
This is the other important aspect when choosing which platforms suits your goals.
Export/Import to ZBrush / Unity3D etc MotionBuilder Mixamo etc ( I won visit now but these programs are worth considering before making a decision )
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