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Old 12-08-2013, 11:51 AM
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Default ls-- not improved. If your problem has resolved 695

I am a very healthy 30 year old woman. 2 days ago, I noticed approx. 20 small liver spots appeared on the back of my right-hand. What could be causing the dramatic start of these spots and should I be concerned?
The spots are slightly elevated. The one thing I can think of that I did (out of the ordinary) was pull some tall weeds from underneath a shrub within our front yard. I think the brown spots appeared later that day. I know those would cause spots about this location of my hand. Do you know of any skin cancers that show by doing this?
HiSkin cancers are usually hyperpigmented or they may show as a bizarre skin manifestation appearing like ink blots or even nodular in character eg nodular types Buy Pandora Jewelry Online of melanoma. Squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell CA may present on more exposed areas like the face. When have you started noticing these brown spots? At this point, I do not think this really is cancer. The hands are quite responsive to certain irritants or allergens. This may be a skin reaction. Also, hands Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes Replica are often exposed to the sun and heat. This can be skin tags or moles. I would recommend that you have this assessed from your dermatologist. This may not be something that you need to be so worried about though I realize your concern. Have this Mont Blanc Pens Brisbane assessed early on to allay your worries.
Hi, 30Healthy:How are your spots now? Have they gone away without any medication?I am curious to know, because I also suddently developed agespotslike tiny liver spots on the back of my left-hand, mostly between/on my thumb and pointer finger. There are 30 of them, all appeared at the same time. I did some house cleaning on that day and I DID wear gloves. The spots are flat, light brown, contributing to 1mm in diameter, except two larger ones which are 3mm and slightly elevated. It's been about a week, not improved. If your problem has resolved, please share you have. They are irregular Louis Vuitton Sunglasses shaped, and about the size of the head of a pencil eraser. They aren't really "raised" but feel like patches of rougher skin. They been in my palms for about 2 weeks now, and today one changed into what looks like a blister. I haven popped the blister so I not sure if it has liquid underneath or if the skin is simply dead and able to fall off. Neither of the patches are painful or itchy. Any ideas as to what this might be from?
I am 24 years of age male, Latin and slightly dark skin. I developed brown freckles on my two hands between that index fingers and thumbs overnight. It's been 4 days and they haven changed. Not elevated, no hurt, no itch. However i am very worried about it. I hope it is not cancer and hope they'll disappear. What is this!!?? Somebody needs to find the answer and the Air Max Shoes Australia cure. I did drink and smoke the night before they appear. But I often get it done in the weekends. And a few days before I saw this on my hands, I made lemonade and played tennis right after, a couple of times. As it summer vacation I do it more often now for the very first time. I used a different shampoo. It an after sport shampoo with Citron Acid as main ingredient. i slept irregularly. Gone late to bed, and gotten out later. It might just be the clue for this problem. Although I am not really bothered by using it myself, it is a huge problem to some others. The Netherlands.
check out this site, you discover the answer! It happened to me to after squeezing limes and installing in the sun. They are not sun spots. Sun spots are in fact a fungus and turn patches of the epidermis white, not brown. Womens Air Max 2013 The spots everyone appears to be getting occur after exposure to the sun. I got them in the Keys and went to the dermatologist afterwards. He said its from limes or mangoes. They have a Order Uggs Canada photoreactive agent called bergamot, which when you get it on your skin then go under the sun it will turn brown. They fade in a month or two dont worry. I cannot wait til they disappear"
I noticed multiple brown spots on my stomach, back, face, hands, arms, legs that appeared overnight. I had been on an antibiotic, Keflex, at the time, coupled with also taken Melatonin 3 mg to assist go to sleep for 4 nights that week. The only other thing was which i used a sprayon sunscreen that I had never used before. I have faith that the lime juice phenomena is a separate deal. That is not what went down to me.
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