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Old 07-09-2007, 01:53 PM
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We've Closed on $110+ Million in Commercial Real Estate Deals and Only Paid $40 Million. We'll Show You How we Did it and Teach You to Buy . . .

Land & Distressed Commercial Properties
. . .with None of Your Own Money or Credit

1/2 Day Training Workshop
July 14, 2007 - Austin, TX
July 15, 2007 - Dallas, TX Only 13 seats left!
July 21, 2007 - Houston, TX Only 17 seats left!
July 22, 2007 - Dallas, TX
As you have probably heard, commercial real estate is the HOT ticket these days. Not only are the commercial markets sizzling as the residential markets are slumping, but the nationally known real estate bootcamp “gurus” have begun teaching how to do multimillion dollar land and commercial property deals, no money down. As a result, students around the country are retiring after doing only ONE deal using these techniques, without years of experience or boatloads of money.

But there’s a catch . . .

These gurus each charge $6,000-$10,000 for their 3 to 4 day bootcamps!! Why? For a few reasons:

Reason #1 - Lack of Information: There’s very little written material anywhere on land development or how to make fast 7 figure profits in commercial income property. If you don’t believe it, check out your local library, bookstore or the guru websites. There’s plenty of stuff sold on fixing, rehabbing, renting and flipping homes and foreclosures, but almost nothing on the TRUE real estate wealth building techniques – land and commercial real estate.

Reason # 2 - Lack of Competition: There’s only about 4 bootcamps nationally. With so many students wanting to join their peers in the millionaire big leagues, the demand for commercial success secrets is HUGE, and the gurus know it, and can fetch these prices all day long.

Reason #3 – Relative Value: $6,000-$10,000 is a relatively small investment compared to the millions you can potentially make in profits.

The Problem:

Even if you COULD afford it, what if you spend all that time, money and travel only to learn that it’s not right for you? Think you are entitled to a refund? Think again!

The Solution: Spend a few hours and learn what the gurus are teaching.

The cost is only $19.95 if you register online. The cost at is $99 at the door.

You will receive an overview of the material that is taught at these bootcamps, as well as real million dollar deal examples done by successful students. Then, you can decide if these bootcamps might be right for you.

FINALLY, there’s an option that provides you a window of insight into these bootcamps without having risk lots of your money to take a chance.

“I’ve been to one of those $10,000 4 day bootcamps. You guys covered more material in 1/2 day than they did in 1 full day, and with so much more clarity. It was a time very well spent.”

-Jason Tripoli


We will also show you where you can learn all the information that the gurus teach at the expensive bootcamps LIVE for a FRACTION of the cost. Thousands of people will continue attending the expensive guru bootcamps, but only those who attend our workshop will learn where to get this information for much less.

We are Jason Gilbert and Terry Hale. We are self-made millionaires doing land and commercial deals. In fact, Terry is a former commercial acquisitions manager for one of the wealthiest and most successful real estate gurus of all time. Terry was the guy who FOUND some of the guru’s deals and helped to negotiate them. To date, Terry alone has CLOSED on over $110 MILLION of commercial real estate that he only paid $40 million dollars for!! That doesn’t even count the $100+ million in value he plans to create by changing or improving the use of the properties! And he did it all with none of his own money!

“I thought commercial real estate was only for pros who had been around for a while and had lots of money. I was shocked, more like envious, to hear your examples of real beginners doing no money down commercial deals.”

-Leon Walcot

Come let us show you how to find, evaluate, negotiate, create additional value (without touching the property) and sell "Top 1%" commercial real estate deals for HUGE profits. It only takes one such deal to put you into early retirement. Some of our student's simply prefer to FIND the deals and pass them off to other investors for quick assignment fees of $50,000, $100,000 and more. One student even made $500,000 assigning a deal to another investor!

We want to make you our partner!! When you find the kind of deals we seek, we want to partner with you on the deal. This is our true motivation for teaching our secrets. Of course, your deals can be done on your own if you prefer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Seating is very limited. Please join us in Dallas, Houston or Austin. . .

Learn More
Register by June 30th and
Get $450 worth of FREE Bonuses


Saturday, July 14
1:00 PM Registration
1:30 – 5:00 PM Workshop

Sunday, July 15 or July 22
11:00 PM Registration
11:30 – 3:00 PM Workshop
Westin DWF

Saturday, July 21
9:00 AM Registration
9:30 – 1:00 PM Workshop
Westin Oaks

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