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Old 12-08-2013, 11:18 AM
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Default 0524 or no jqx

On Becoming a Virtual Ghost
I'm starting a brand new side Timberland Chukka Boots Women project, and I honestly can't determine if it's funny, morbid, thoughtprovoking or just plain weird. It's a performance art project which will take me decades to complete, and I'll never get to see the results. It's going to Longchamp Bags Online Australia affect every single person who follows me online in unpredictable and surprising ways, and hopefully spark some lively debate. I'm currently in the process of giving the website all of my credentials and passwords for my social media websites (currently facebook, though we'll see what new startups make the cut in the future). And starting on my small upcoming birthday Adidas Jeremy Scott Sale (January 17th), we're going to activate a deadman's switch on the website.
From that point on, every birthday throughout my life, I'll need to sign in to let Afterlyfe know that I'm still alive and kicking (if I'm smart, I'll also ensure the site hits me up with email reminders every year too). Once I stop checking in, Afterlyfe will assume I've kicked the bucket, and get into action, taking control of my facebook and twitter pages.
From that point on, Afterlyfe will use my previous tweets and facebook updates to recreate a digital simulacrum of my life. The goal would be to make me the world's first virtual ghost.
For starters, we're going to keep it simple: the default settings is going to be that the moment I die, Afterlyfe will make Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket Australia an exact copy of my this past year in tweets, and release them at the exact times they were originally posted, every year. Every year, followers will Christian Louboutin Men see me complain about taxes come mid April. You'll get my same Christmas tweets. Happy birthday wishes I produced in the past will continue to arrive, year after year, right on schedule.
Even if that's all of the site does, that's good enough for me. After all, what are ghosts said to be but people who don't know that they are dead? Wandering down the same halls, doing the same things they did once they were alive. Afterlyfe would produce the digital echoes of my a large number of tweets and status updates for decades to Air Max 95 Cheap come.
If we're able to get fancy, Let me go back and favorite a number of my best tweets. Little nuggets that i am particularly fond of could automatically be sprinkled in among the Barbour Stockists tedium in the echoes. Hollister Melbourne Store That way I can bring a smile or thought even from beyond the grave. That'd be cool.
So. why do this? Isn't it tacky and morbid? Probably. There is however so many services that already exist that nuke all of your online data after your demise. Which makes sense, I suppose, but it just seems like such a waste. I mean, we pour a lot of our personality into our updates, and thus much of them get forgotten over time. We all make jokes about haunting our friends when we meet an untimely demise, but now you can actually do it.
Is this insane? Silly? Creepy? I'd like to get your thoughts, as I honestly don't know myself. that's sorta the whole point of this experiment.
Brian, It seems extremely interesting. There are some concerns however. To safeguard one, if the website, while you put it, is completely autonomous, it will be a target for hackers who presumably could obtain all your access. Another concern is personal. Most of us have known you as smart, hard working and a great family man. It worries me to listen to you talk about your death even when it is only in a remote future. Finally, I congratulate you for any very good idea and a big statement around the concept of immortality. I wish Bonchance about this endeavor and I hope It wont be activated for a long, very long time.
Have you thought about releasing this concept too Timberland Shoes Sydney Stores soon? That is, you given potential competitive entrants 40 or 50 yrs to steal your thunder. And, if they run the idea on someone twice how old you are, they are likely to be in a position to establish themselves as the first, second, and third, in this region such that by the time you kick the bucket, this is so common a practice that no Fake Mont Blanc Pens Uk one is paying attention?
From your post though, it seems like this isn a concern for you and you plan to open the Replica Tiffany Jewellery Australia platform to every one. If that the case, all you have to think about are the potential legal issues, or no, coming from hundreds of users.
What an exciting and ambitious project!
I love the idea, but think for a moment of the person who loves you the MOST in this world. Imagine them still inside a deep depression over your loss (even a year later this may be the case). They are sitting there in their computer and your tweet or Facebook post echo appears. Now SOME although not all are going to feel very sick, distressed and angry to Michael Kors Tote Sale see your echo in a very negative light.
Incidentally would you be responding to friend requests / answering emails maybe something standard like "Sorry to disappoint you but I have passed on to the following astral plain please contact you nearest medium/spiritualist and I try and catch up at your next sance. Live long and prosper"
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