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Old 12-06-2013, 06:11 AM
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Default 86 but through my writing. vgo

Success as a New Freelance Writer
Photo by Jenny Huang.
The thought of freelance writing had always been appealing to me. Although my background in fitness and nutrition prepared me more for private contact. After a few years spent in the gyms and working in academia, I knew I needed to help people, not oneonone, but through my writing.
Unlike many there wasn't any leap of faith involved in my decision to begin Christian Louboutin Outlet Uk Men working towards my goal. To avoid missing a once in a lifetime opportunity, I left my office job and hang off on an adventure to live abroad for a couple years due to an assignment with my husband's employer. Using the language barrier and those ever frustrating document issues, I had no plans to work in our new city. Fortunately, this provided the perfect opportunity to launch my writing career.
It took me a while to get my ducks in a row, toughen my skin and begin tackling the process of learning about writing and blogging. I never once thought it would be easy, but I also soon realized there was a lot I didn't know.
These are some questions I ask myself every day and some answers I've come to discover through both my external research and that allimportant internal reflection about my desire and will to write.
Q. Can I succeed without a background in journalism?
This was the most prominent question in my mind as I began to read all the wonderful information out there Supra Footwear Sydney on the internet regarding freelance writing. Yes, I'd written before for my previous jobs fact sheets, newsletters, a couple articles published in peerreviewed journals, but I didn't know the ins and outs of writing correctly or different media types.
The good news is that with a little work this can be learned. I'm not knocking an actual degree within the field. I envy the data of those who have this background. However, after some work, you can teach yourself these technical skills and switch them into a well written piece for sale. Read blogs on the subject, take a web-based or local course and frequently read they types of materials you are hoping to write.
Q. Should I believe the compliments?
A. Yes and no. Balance confidence with humility.
Most people are nice by nature. We are taught that compliments are friendly and that many times we should give them even when we really don't like the thing we are commenting on. So what do you do when you get compliments about your writing? Are people just being nice or can they mean it?
Of Supra Trainers Uk Sales course, a compliment Tiffany & Co New York will make you feel better Fake Louis Vuitton Sunglasses on a bad day, but I treat them the same way I treat criticisms. I take it all with a grain of salt. I pay attention to both and try to use them to improve my writing.
The key is to balance confidence inside your work with humility. Enjoy the compliments and pull the positive from negative feedback.
Q. How to I maximize productivity with this newfound freedom?
A. Set daily goals. Create your unique schedule.
I have always disliked routine and schedules. I like each day to be a little different. The best part of leaving an office job was new flexibility within my time. However, with those 10 hours each day now freed up that i can write and Nike Air Max One Sale plan my own work hours it was easy to get up to date in other projects and end up getting little writing work done at the end of the day.
I've learned to create my own unique schedule. It may Buy Timberland Shoes Online not look like a schedule to anyone else, or work for anyone else. However, it does contain some structure. Some days I might be up with the sunrise, Lacoste Uk Polo Shirts Review others I would sleep in, but atone for work later into the evening. Sometimes around the time when my husband will be home or the class I wish to take that day at the gym.
Some people work better with daily set hours, others might work like I actually do. The important thing is to set realistic goals for what you will accomplish that particular day and get them done. Also, keep in mind how many hours a day you need to devote to your writing and stay with them. This will keep you on the right track and help you to maintain a level of productivity you can be happy with.
Q. Getting started, the gigs are sometimes few and far between. I used this time to better my knowledge and skills in the field. I have definitely learned something new every day.
I identified a list of what I considered the best blogs offering assistance with freelance writing and blogging and that i read them daily, taking down important notes.
Q. How do you stay motivated to write?
A. Use this to drive your work.
When I first set out to write I was ready to get ideas on a page and start making some Isabel Marant Trainers Buy Online money doing so.
Several things are important in my experience when it comes to writing. I want to be helpful, honest, entertaining, and of course, successful, because everybody wants to be paid for our great work.
All of this comes into play when I decide what niche I'd like to steer towards and what types of jobs I want to accept. For me personally it is the core for my motivation motivation that is necessary for the Barbour Jacket Ebay ability to succeed regardless of the rejections that often come with beginning a freelance writing career.
A daily plan's definitely important for a freelancer, or any person working from home. While the times of the amount of time I work can vary from day to day I usually set daily goals which are the same, such as writing X number of blog posts, or X number of words for a bigger project that is in the works.
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