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Old 12-06-2013, 05:16 AM
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Default aixr--- top is the only place you want to be. 287

Before answering this question we must know what is the difference between the search engines and directory. Here is a brief explanation.
Main distinction between search engine and directory lay is the way websites get entered into their index. People submit their sites to the directories, which are reviewed by human editors. Think of the directories as collections of Internet sites organized by subject. Search engines like google work by sending out a spider to fetch as many documents as possible. Following, another program called an indexer, reads these documents and creates an index based on the words contained in each document.
Submitting your site on hundreds of thousands of search engines like google wouldn't help and is not worthwhile.
Altavista for example show results from the Yahoo! index. Rankings won't be the same, because the algorithm is different but the index Buy Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Uk is the same. If your site is new and is listed on Yahoo although not on Altavista, be patient and do nothing. Altavista will show your site when they update their index from yahoo. AOL (America Online) and Netscape use Google index. They additionally receive listings from DMOZ. There are many examples.
The so called "Meta" search engines like DogPile or Metacrawler are showing is a result of Google and Yahoo amongst. These search engines like google actually search the top search engines like google and show combined results.
In case your site is not new, there is a chance that search engines spiders already find your site and index it. So before doing anything check if your site is already listed, even though you did not submit your site to any search engine.
But what you should you do if your site is just uploaded?
Once we already explain search engines include spiders which will find in your site. All you need is to submit your site in Directories, and search engines spiders will find your link and your site is going to be indexed. But be sure to provide enough "food" for the spiders. That is, Lacoste Shirts For Men submit your site in enough directories, and you will make that process shorter.
While submission to the search engines is wasting of your energy, submission to the directories isn't. You will benefit from submitting your website to Directories, Nike Air Force 1 Online not only because search engines will Air Jordan 6 Infrared find your link there and index your website, but you will also increase your building backlinks. Search Genuine Uggs engines consider each link which is pointing to your Belstaff Sale Jackets site as kind of vote and give it a "credit" for each "vote".
That's why you should submit your website to as many directories you are able to. However, don't expect bulk traffic in the directories. Even the biggest directories like Yahoo! or DMOZ are not able to deliver load of traffics. On the other side, traffic delivered though the directories is usually quality traffic, because these people are browsing to the find services or products that you offer.
Submitting your site more than once to search engines might slow down indexing time. If you still wish to submit your site to search engines, do that just once, and do that manually. Companies which advertise that they'll submit your site on X00.000 will not do that manually, that is for sure. They use automated submission software, even all major search engines like google mention in their submission guidelines that you should submit your site manually. And major search engines like google are what you should care for only. You remember the fact where the over 90% of traffic comes from?
Remember that only submitting Vibram Womens Shoes your website to the search engines does absolutely nothing to increase your ranking in most cases. If site optimization on your web site isn't properly implemented or is not implemented whatsoever chances are small that your site Buy Nike Air Jordan 3 is going to be on first few pages with Abercrombie & Fitch Australia Store results. And having in mind that only about 7% of those look further then third page, top may be the only place you want to be.
How to calculate if the search engine optimization may be worth to invest in? Consider this: What is the annual worth of one customer to you?" Could it be 25 250 or perhaps 2500 How many customers you need to get the spent money back?
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