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Old 12-06-2013, 05:46 AM
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Default dv--- she straddles the area between the twodimensional 191

If you the nautical sort, you probably interpret the news as a flow. But if you Cheap Canada Goose Coats love to break ideas into their sequential components, keep your socks folded and sorted by color inside a dresser, compose everything you write with an outliner and consider a pair of tweezers a blunt instrument, then you probably view the news through the schematic Nike Air Force 1 eyes of Hilary Sargent, the creative force behind the ChartGirl website.Since November, Sargent continues to be sorting and reordering the chaotic sewer of breaking news into lucid and logical textandgraphics charts. When the top story was General David Petraeus affair with Paula Broadwell, Sargent straighten the storyline angles with an annotated chart depicting the main players in the scandal from Jill Kelley to Senator Dianne Feinstein (DCalif.), fromHarvard University's John F. Attorney Office in Tampa and plotting the salient interconnections. Much better than a New York Times writethrough of all known facts about the scandal, ChartGirl collected the known knowns, the known unknowns and also the unknown unknowns in concise and puckish fashion. Later that month, Sargent applied her newsmapping skills to the awfulness of the Westboro Baptist Church and to Mr . trump feuds with such celebrities as Rihanna, Carrie Prejean, Rosie O Al Neuharth and Stephen colbert. Since then, she diagrammed the news behind the Bill Ackman vs. Carl Icahn battle, the popular features of the Gardner Museum heist, and, a week ago, press corps Boston Marathon bombings hits and misses. Liebling turned graphics freak. However in an interview, Sargent cites artist Mark Lombardi, whose Structures gave visual form to conspiracies, political scandals and financial crimes, as primary inspiration. Sargent says she also admires Edward Tufte work and recently took Christian Louboutin Trainers Replica his seminar, but adds this disclaimer: charts break so many Ed Tufte rules that I think it would be unfair to him to say he an influence. Sargent dabbled in journalism in the turn of the century, working at the Boston Globe and completing an internship in the Wall Street Journal, she's worked for the past decade as a researcher and consultant in Washington and New York. In 2006, while working for the Senate Majority Project, a 527 group, she constructed her first chart to Cheap Ugg Uk Sale arrange information about holdings in the portfolio of thenSenator Ted Stevens (RAlaska). Later, while employed by a private investigative firm in New York, she made numerous charts to describe money laundering operations and international asset tracing.was there that the charts really began to become my thing, Sargent says. they started out on giant whiteboards or 20 bits of 8by11 paper taped together, and then I would digitize them for client deliverables. in a New York law firm as an investigator, Sargent relied on her charts to divine the structure of businesses and financial instruments she was studying and to share that structure to the staff attorneys.usually the charts were just completed in pencil for myself, so that I possibly could understand. And then sometimes they were turned into something more formal, says Sargent, who's now a selfemployed investigative research consultant.The idea for ChartGirl came to Sargent the night the Petraeus scandal broke. Trying to explain the bizarre particulars to some friend, she drew a chart and uploaded it to her Facebook page. Gawker tried on the extender as the bedrock for its own chart, and also the Atlantic reposted her original. Since Beats Pro Best Price Australia then, her work has earned mentions and republication at Boing Boing, Mental Floss, Good and elsewhere.turns out if you don have a website, it really hard to take or get credit for something, she Supra Footwear Uk Sale says. Her cousin, Lee Sargent, built a quickie website for her; she cleaned up the Moncler Outlet Online Shop Uk Petraeus chart and started adding charts. Last December she persuaded Lee to rebuild the site, and they decided to dub it ChartGirl.I avoided expressing how funny ChartGirl can be because I don want to marginalize it as a joke book. Sargent understands, unlike a lot of journalists, that a tiny dose of wit can open readers to arguments and presentations they might not otherwise endure. There pointless consuming the news should be a slog! Then when explaining the AckmanIcahn contest, Sargent fills boxes using the details of who hates whom in duels, giving the story a useful comic skeleton onto that the meat and organs of exposition are hung. This really is brainy news analysis that makes the veins on your temples rise and stand.There nothing particularly to Sargent charts. She's yet to probe the interactive frontiers Fred Perry Online Sale in the manner my former colleagues Chris Wilson (now at Yahoo) and Jeremy SingerVine (Wall Street Journal) do. Instead, she straddles the area between the twodimensional, blackandwhite editorial cartoon, the explanatory feature and the cheat sheet, bringing to the narrative frenzy. Newspaper, magazine and Web editors desperate to bring lazy readers up to date on complex stories could be wise (hint, hint) to assign Sargent to chart this news for them, an option she seems available I just making charts and hoping people like them, and then making more charts, she says. guess longterm I not looking at this as a nonprofit. I don have Michael Kors Wallet Australia a business model yet. I first contacted Sargent to offer her unsolicited help in locating a wider outlet for her work, telling her to contact my friend Mike Schaffer at The New Republic and pitch him for a paid assignment. But as I continued communicating with her, I recovered my senses and realized that rather than helping her, I should help myself by writing a column about her. I still hope that she and Schaffer get together. My Twitter feed is interactive: You tweet at me, I tweet back. Subscribe to email notifications of new Shafer columns (along with other occasional announcements). Subscribe to this RSS feed for new Shafer columns.

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