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Old 12-10-2013, 07:19 AM
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Default What was that djw -44

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Maia Jane Camden was born on January 2, 1992, already ready to take on the world. Her eyes, chocolate brown and try to bright with excitement, constantly searched out adventure. Restricted? What was that? Nothing was ever not allowed for her. When most children, especially girls, shied from a situation, Maia dove in headfirst. She grown up fearless; her days spent wandering around the Spanish countryside. After all, the planet was hers to explore.
Ever the dreamer, Maia head was more often than not in the clouds. Even as a young child, she was skilled with a paintbrush. Her artwork often spoke of sloping hills, foreign lands, and people and creatures just the mind of a child could ever imagine.
At eight years of age, though, her vibrancy faded just like quickly as the lives of her family.
Should you ask her, Maia would still be able to clearly describe that day. She remembered it well. Evening had come, the sun's rays lowering behind the clouds and also the sky painted with brilliant hues of pink and purple. Dinner was on the table as the Camden family washed as much as eat it. She finished her hands last, and was going to the table to join her parents and sister as it happened. They knocked on the door, and Maia had run automatically, without thinking about her family. She found safety under her parents?bed. Safety for her life, at least, but not on her eyes and most certainly not for her mind. She seen saving money flashes of light and the bodies of her mother, her father, and her younger sister collapse.
At nineteenyearsold, she finds solace within an apartment in London. Not vengeful in nature, the death of her family had changed her so. She looked at the world through the eyes of the cynic, questioning everyone motives. Her life was lived in secret and fear, afraid the wizards who killed her family will come back for her. She have to catch them first, Timberland Boots Toronto Ontario she decided, before they caught her. And she or he did. With each murder she committed, she forced herself being colder and colder. It is just recently that the fade has begun to wear off.
can remember a time when I wasn running from something. At Buy Insanity Workout eight years of age, I was running from the individuals who killed my family. As I got older, I ran from foster families, relationships, and friendships. I even dropped out of school so that I could keep running. I not saying this because I am happy with it, because I not. Ie done lots of horrible things in my life. Ie hurt people. Ie killed people. I not to imply this to make myself look great, but to make myself look real. Il never claim to be perfect, because I not. However i growing stronger every day, I finding out how to stand tall and not run away. This time, I think it worth it. This time around?I think I ready.?
The film was ending, she'd noted, though she couldn't state that she was too upset about missing it. Yes, it Timberland Shop seemed good, but she also liked to talk to Supra Mens Shoes Kas. It was nice to get to know him. He was really really cool, and easy to talk to. She liked that. People started leaving already, and when she'd looked to him to ascertain if they should as Ugg Australia well, he wasn't moving so neither did she. Then everyone was dancing. Weird. Of course, then Kas wanted to dance.
She'd taken his hand and started to dance with him, despite the fact that she couldn't say she was the best dancer ever, she wasn't too horrible either. And as they were dancing, he began to talk. Of course, what he'd asked? It wasn't what she'd expected. But, she'd told him he could ask anything. Now she was regretting it.
"There's. this group of people. I'm not sure what their deal is or why they do what they do. I never paid enough attention to find out." She sighed. Weird conversation to have while dancing. "They killed my family ten years ago, and I still Timberland Factory Outlet Uk don't know why. But the reasoning doesn't even matter. I'm certain it wasn't good enough."
She was bitter, but who would not be after all that happened? With what she'd needed to go through because of all that, she had every reason to be angry. She'd every reason to hate those individuals. Her reasons were justified. Theirs? She doubted it.
"I dropped from school when I was fifteen and went on this whole. psycho quest to kill all relevant Cheap Nike Cortez Shoes parties with my family's murder. And that i hate to say that I was really successful with some of them." She frowned. She was, in no way, an advocate for murder. She didn't even think revenge was good. But it'd been her driving force for ten years. It was hard to break her of it. "I'm not proud of it. I don't even have confidence in killing, and revenge may be the stupidest thing in the world. I'd never condone that. I'm not a killer." She had to clear that, because she really wasn't. Maia hated killing, and she hated herself for even having thought of it, let alone doing it.
"I mean, if you think about it? Me killing them isn't any different than what they did. They have families, too, and I ruined that like they ruined mine." She shrugged her shoulders, ending that. She'd cry if she went on any further, and she didn't want to do that. "The rest of them know about me and what I've done. They've been looking for me, I guess. And yet, here I am, constantly out in the open. But simultaneously, I'm like. a master of disguise. It's type of funny how I've been able to slip away from them time after time, but simultaneously? In order to remain hidden, I've like. all of these 'alternate identities' I have to use. And sometimes, I get so used to being another person, I forget how to be myself. It's scary."
She looked up at him, a tiny smile on Supra Skytop Trainers her lips. It was weird. He was weird, how he could have the real her forever. As far as she could remember, which had never happened. Maybe he was just that cool. "But with you, I have been real from the start," she said quietly, as though trying to assure him. She'd never hidden anything, obviously, if she was telling him all of this now. No, she'd always been an open book. It was weird.

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