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Old 12-27-2013, 10:46 AM
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Default WQR . Years following the battle 1000

Thus the orcs would have a Buy Canada Goose Canada Online brand new fear of Biter and Beater (as demonstrated by their reactions once they capture Bilbo and company). Years following the battle, the dwarven wielders of the Elvish swords were probably relocating to Lindon during the Fell Winter of 2911 when they were waylaid unexpectedly by trolls within the Ettenmoors. Thus the swords ultimately fell in to the hands of the three trolls from The Hobbit by the end of the Third Age..
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Anyone is free to use information from this site, so long as you do not use that information by plagiarism or utilize it illegally in any way that infringes on the trademark. If you do copy articles or any materials, we request that you provide a link to the web site or web page. This is a purely "fan site" and doesn't pretend to be official by any means whatsoever..
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