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Old 12-24-2013, 02:44 AM
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Default 96K like it's some kind of race.rz

In an oddlyspecific narrative published today, AllThingsD reported that sources near to Larry Page and Google Wallet have confirmed that plans for the physical Google Wallet charge card have been cut up, and VP of Wallet Osama Bedier pushed out of the company.
We exclusively reported around the Wallet card last November, when it appeared in a leaked form of the Google Wallet app. You could even initiate the card ordering process, suggesting the project was well on its way to completion. So, we waited. And that we waited. And then we waited some more. The Wallet card seemingly discontinued the radar, and as Ron noted, the "new Google Wallet" sign up page still greets visitors of the Wallet site, like a big "Coming Soon" banner in front of that one restaurant that never seems to actually make progress on those renovations which have been going for like 6 months now.
AllThingsD's sources state that CEO Larry Page wasn't keen on the idea from the getgo, and after he was given a demo of the card for action last week, glitches in the runthrough ensured those would be the Wallet card's last swipes. Shortly thereafter, rumors of Bedier's ousting emerged, and those rumors were confirmed yesterday by Google. All ThingsD's sources do state that while the project is not officially dead, all intends to launch it have been cancelled, and a previouslyscheduled I/O announcement will not happen.
Is the Wallet card really, actually deceased then? Well, my prediction would Timberland Boots For Sale Toronto be technically no, because Larry and friends are searching out a Shop Abercrombie Canada replacement Wallet VP, whether internal or external, to help make the final call Womens Nike Free Run 2 on that decision. Considering that Page simply didn't find the concept particularly innovative compared to competing services like Square to begin with, though, it seems all but confirmed that Bedier's successor won't make an effort to blaze the Wallet card trail again. So essentially, yes, you are able to probably consider this idea dead and buried.
Alas, Google Wallet card, we Abercrombie Canada Online Store barely knew you.
AllThingsD does report that Google will be making some Wallet announcements at I/O, by expanding its list of Wallet rewards, offers, and loyalty points partners. Oh great. That's so exciting.
We can only hope that person to person payments, the Wallet balance, and transit cards survived this culling.
Pfft good riddance to bad rubbish.
Instead of focusing on their core services and making sure they're absolutely bulletproof, they're faffing about with random ideas. Navigation isn't global yet Hollister Playlist however they are trying to create a payment system. They have about a billion different messaging systems that don't talk to each other but they're releasing a note taking app (you know, since the billions already out there weren't enough). They haven't achieved total platform unity, however they are faffing about releasing android every six months, like it's Nike Roshe Run Canada some kind of race.
When they would just focus on one thing at at time, or even two things and actually do them well, that wouldn't be such a bad thing. Freaking Gmail wore a beta tag for FIVE years, as if a beta tag is an excuse to release a half assed unfinished product after which fix it on the go.
Is it any wonder that NO android version seems to reach 50% adoption before the next one is Nike Air Presto released? It's like google doesn't seem to realise that people use their phones in excess of six months at a time, and very often for TWO YEARS at a time.
Lol generate an income rant about Google you'd actually think I didn't like them or something. Oh well
Say what you will but Keep ROCKS!
I'm not just saying that, I've been struggling with keeping notes for years, thinking Wunderlist and Evernote would be the solution, stopped using both following a week or so because the proces is just too involved. Retain in proper Google style is simply simple and works immediately.
I don't agree with you on Android's release cycle incidentally, that is not the problem. The problem is phones can't be updated. They NEED to seperate the manufacturers mods from the core system (perhaps a system such as the Xposed framework?!) so everyone can run Sense or whatever but still be on the latest as well as.
It's not rocketscience, it's software for christ' s sake.
I see it every day people complaining they don't have the latest Android version and bashing the shit from Google for it. It's not Google's fault you decided to buy something other then a Nexus device. Google can't push software updates to devices they do not own/control.
If you want the latest Android version, buy a Nexus device it's that simple. If you go and purchase anything else, what Android version you get is purely up the manufacturer or worse, the carrier!
So stop bitching about Google not releasing updates for your device they Abercrombie And Fitch Canada Sale already have anyone can download the latest and great android version at this time. The manufacturer of your device has just decided not to do anything with that update yet. So go and bitch and complain for them.
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