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Old 12-08-2013, 03:37 PM
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Default 39 If your pet dog or cat is pregnant aoc

If your pet dog or cat is pregnant, you may be wondering what to expect during her pregnancy, what you should be doing for her, and what to do Buy Belstaff Online during and after the birth. Here what you ought to know about pregnancy in cats and dogs.
During Your Dog or Cat Pregnancy The typical pregnancy for both dogs and cats lasts 6163 days. Your pet may give birth a few days before or perhaps a few days after this due date, though. As your pet pregnancy progresses, you see her abdomen starting to swell. Shortly before the birth, you also see her mammary glands starting to fill with milk.
Proper nutrition is important for a pregnant dog or cat. As your pet pregnancy progresses, her nutritional needs increases as well. During the pregnancy, feed your female dog or cat puppy or kitten food, respectively. You will need to gradually increase the amount of food offered as the pregnancy progresses as well. If in doubt about your pet nutritional needs, talk to your veterinarian for advice about what type of food and how much to give.
A Longchamp Le Pliage Australia Price week or two before your pet due date, provide a whelping (or queening) box on her. The sides of the box ought to be low enough for your pet to go in and Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts exit easily but high enough to keep the newly born puppies or kittens from escaping the box. Line the box with Nike Blazer Low Vintage towels or blankets for the pet comfort. Be prepared to replace and launder the towels or blankets regularly when your pet has given birth. This area should be placed in a quiet warm area of your home. If your pet gives birth outside of the box, it okay to maneuver her along with her puppies or kittens to the box after the birth.
For a standard healthy dog or cat, the rectal temperature will range between 100102F. Within 24 hours prior to the start of the birthing process, your pet temperature will drop to slightly below 100F.
The Whelping or Queening Process Most dogs and cats will be able to give birth without aid. However, sometimes complications occur and a responsible pet owner should be ready for them.
Once your pet goes into labor and begins having active contractions, the first kitten or puppy should be born within 12 hours. The very first thing you will see is a sac protruding out of your pet vagina. This is part of the placental sac surrounding the puppy. Once this sac is seen, the puppy Belstaff Thruxton Jacket Brown or kitten should be born within 15 minutes. If no Abercrombie Fitch Australia Pty Ltd kitten or puppy is produced after 12 hours of active labor or within 15 minutes of seeing the sac, you need to seek veterinary care.
Once the kitten or puppy comes into the world, the mother should remove the placental membranes from round the head and mouth immediately and start licking the newborn to stimulate breathing. If your dog or cat does not do this, you will have to remove the sac and gently rub the child with a towel to stimulate its first few breaths.
If your dog or cat retains active contractions, a new puppy or kitten should be born every 12 hours. Sometimes, a parent will rest for a time between individual births. However, in case your dog or cat has not passed a puppy or kitten within 34 hours, seek veterinary care. If active contractions are occurring and no puppy or kitten is forthcoming in 12 hours, seek veterinary care.
Once the birthing process is complete, make sure there is ample milk inside your pet mammary glands (breasts) to feed the puppies or kittens. Make sure all puppies and kittens are nursing. When the mother has not removed the umbilical cord, tie the cord with sewing thread about 1 inch from the puppy or kitten body and cut the cord so the thread remains with the puppy or kitten. The remainder of the cord will eventually dry up and disappear.
Your dog should visit her veterinarian within 24 hours of giving birth for a general checkup. She may require Longchamp Australia Price an injection to clean any afterbirths from her uterus at that time also.
Taking care of the Puppies or Kittens Following the Birth Be sure all puppies Buy Moncler Online Uk and kittens are nursing following the birth. The mother dog or cat will spend most of her time using the babies at first. The babies rely on the mother body heat to ensure that they're warm and help them maintain their own body Parajumpers Women temperature. Make sure she has food and water available nearby.
At approximately 2 weeks of age, the puppies or kittens will open Timberland Online Sale Uk their eyes. As they grow, they will start to become more active and move about more freely. Handling puppies and kittens from a young age will provide socialization for them and get them used to being around people. This is an important part of their development.
Lorie Huston is really a veterinarian with 20+ years of experience with dogs and cats. In addition, she is a host of the popular podcast/review site, Animal Cafe.
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