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Old 12-08-2013, 01:02 PM
yn5dfrarf yn5dfrarf is offline
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Default svn -- which was the issue with the game. ems

Well it wasn the best of weekends for Arsenal, actually it was probably the worst shortly. It all started on Friday when Wenger made that stupid comment in his press conference
hope I get the praise that I deserve, I doing the best job I can comment is ludicrous, he's had praise for all his previous achievements and that he still has followers that praise him for that now but he doesn deserve any praise Canada Goose Outlet Vancouver right now in time, we can praise a man who isn doing anything to be praised for. If this is the best that he can do then Wenger has lost it or is openly lying, we Genuine Uggs all know he can do better but he just doesn wish to because that would involve him admitting he was wrong, a big change of philosophy again and spending money, 3 things we know he'd never want to admit to.
When Saturday came it had a lot worse as I sat there watching the game unravel into a big sloppy frustrating mess. I can believe how bad we played on Saturday, outclassed by yet another lower league team. My biggest issue appears to be the most discussed issue and that was team selection. We'd a more of a shot at winning the FA cup than we all do the Champion league therefore the logical option would be to risk it and field a powerful team for the FA cup tie like all of the other top clubs did. Instead Wenger still chose to leave out a few key players, although you can use the excuse that the team should have still beat Blackburn it wasn't a game to risk that given our form this season.
There were no excuse for a way we played on Saturday and both the players and Le Boss will be to blame. Wenger said in his press conference the team lacked mental strength, Arsenal rarely lack mental strength, actually we are always better when we are under pressure so I think that is utter garbage. We lacked on skill, pace, energy, tactics, control and confidence and many of all we lacked desire, which was the Michael Kors Ipad Mini Case issue with Parajumpers Men Uk the game.
The rumour mill went crazy after we got knocked out by Blackburn and i believe the media are playing on the most obvious divide between fans with half reporting that Wenger leaves by mutual consent/get sacked and the partner saying Wenger has been offered a new 2 year contract. I be shocked if either rumour was true however i don think they are. I think it lazy journalism to be honest and also the fans could do with not being wound up anymore, it is adding fuel to an angry fire.
The pressure does seem to be getting to Arsene and that was made obvious by his Champion league press conference this morning when he snapped at a journalist and ended up being quite awkward to interview. I think the trouble is Arsene is running out of things to say to defend him and also the team and in my opinion there isn't any defence (and none in the team either)This has been a difficult season for Arsenal fans but yet it seems we are all dividing in our opinion which is sad because everybody wants the same thing just different opinions regarding how to get it. I think the club are letting this get out of hand, when fans are dividing and fighting it doesn matter who is right or wrong it matters that it is happeningand if fans are fighting it definitely means something at the club is wrong therefore the board need to wake up and do something positive about this situation in the summer.
We have been bumped out by Bradford and Blackburn and after Saturday game my optimism Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Uk Ebay for beating Bayern Munich is dwindling. Our misfortune seems to come in B this year. The two B we have faced to date have outplayed us and the third have a real chance of eliminating us. It might be another repeat of this past year AC Milan fiasco but you don't know which Arsenal will turn up on the night, I hope it the Arsenal that remember how to play.
I agree with most of your post but to say i was outclassed by Blackburn is a very silly comment.
I was not as good quick and fluent as we should be but on every other day we would have won by 3 or 4. Our problem this year is we are still not quite good enough to challenge for trophies and we're Nike Air Max 90 Cheap getting no luck whatsoever .
Im afraid i believe Mr Wenger has run his coarse and would rather him to leave while he continues to have some dignity left , i dont want him to become remembered as a bitter twisted man as he has done so much for the club.
I don know how you can say we got out classed by Blackburn who if it wasn for some top class last ditch tackles plus some top draw goalkeeping we would have won a minimum of 21 if not more we weren outclassed, I would say we were outclassed when we lost to Swansea at home earlier in the season and when we lost to Man u away and Man City at home, and Chelsea away 1st half not against Blackburn seriously don make me laugh if Cheap Real Uggs Canada that's the case that mean when we beat Barcelona 2 yrs ago we outclassed them even though they had between 6070% posseion and missed a hat filled with sitters.
Your point about using a better chance of winning the FA Cup to the CL is true but then consider the team we put out Sze 1st team, Kos 1st team, Monreal 1st team, Coq out of position, Artea 1st team, Diaby 1st team when fully fit, Rosisky 2nd team, Gervinho 2nd team, Ox 2nd Team, Giroud 1st team and bench was strong how's the manager to blame for something unpredictable happening how many people saw that coming honestly very few its like us beating Bayern unlikely and if it did happen it wouldn be because we out class them it will be a smash and grab much like Blackburn done.
The problem with Arsenal is as much the fans because it is the board, manager, and players we fans although all of us long for the same thing we need to be sensible guys like Jep Heynkes who has been managing top level football for years, and other people who have their head screwed on properly know that the problem with Arsenal isn Wenger it is something or someone else we can not just correct our problems as quickly as people think and when it was that easy then anyone could do it this isn player manager this is the real world lets not forget this is actually the guy that built the best team EPL has ever seen I wonder how many people said that he should leave or be sacked then and even though we haven won anything in 7 happening 8 seasons you can tell me that we haven come close on a few occasions which shows how thin the road Kids Uggs Toronto is between sucess and failure just ask Fergie whenever we lost the EPL last season from an almost impossible position.
I would just end by saying what Wenger done in the 1st half of his time at the club was to show what he is able to on the pitch and in the 2nd half he will build everything up behind the curtain give him time he is a modern day Shankley
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