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Old 11-04-2013, 08:31 PM
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Default WLD Official Site Selim Stamrad Sculptor wlv

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Expected him to say something on his behalf. I thought he should have, he said. could have said to the Clementis, sorry for your loss, but I didn intend to violate his privacy. I regret my behavior and I know it was wrong. . But it didn factor into my sentence. I didn punish him for it. You can only sentence someone for what they found guilty of. You can fashion a sentence because someone didn produce the apology you expected. doesn believe an apology would have undercut any shot Ravi had at getting his conviction overturned. understand that argument, he said, I didn ask him to say, guilty. Nor did he factor in Clementi suicide when coming up with his novel sentence. I knew about it, he said. that not what Mr. Ravi was convicted of. It not even what he was charged with. defended his unexpected choice of 30 days of jail. isn math, or some kind of algebra, where you get to a precise, scientific answer. You don do this with a slide rule, he said. never said the sentence was perfect. I only said it was fair. sentencing, he went out of his way to call the state bias intimidation law and now calls it as well. He said he has since heard from legislators he declined to name who are interested in tweaking the law for clarity. not tough to fix, he said.
"Because both offensive and defensive rating get shifted to be more positive and because we subtract expected defensive efficiency from expected offensive efficiency the point differential forecast for each 5 against 5 lineup stays the same with the shift. But the penalizing term somehow seems p90x Australia to get better (lower) through the shift. How much shift there is is dependent on rating distribution of the players. As mentioned earlier the system should benefit by moving everyone closer to '0' or by centering ratings around '0' and that's exactly what it does here. The problem is that the players with more positive ratings get more minutes and so the final team ratings are a bit skewed. They do work just as well when we want to forecast expected point differential between two teams but if we don't subtract one team's rating by the other one's things get a bit weird. I think it's the nature of ridge regression and everybody that wants to plug resulting team numbers into a formula where the expected team differentials are not subtracted from one another needs to keep that in mind."
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