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Old 12-09-2013, 08:50 AM
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Default YI as seen by Hurley in "Exodus id

Locke sees the light turn on in the Hatch. ("Deus Ex Machina")
The two men spent the following weeks excavating Cheap Air Jordans Uk the hatch secretly, uncovering a large round steel tunnel leading down into the earth, topped by a steel door with a small rectangular glass window. They built a trebuchet to try and break the glass open, but it failed to damage the glass, split apart on impact and wounded Locke's leg. That night, Locke banged on the Hatch door, questioning the Island's demands of him till an easy turned on from within it, restoring his faith. Unbeknownst to Locke, he'd alerted the Swan's occupant, Desmond Hume, that life continued away from station. This dissuaded Desmond from killing himself and convinced him to carry on the station's essential protocol.("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues") Beats Solo Headphones Australia ("Deus Ex Machina") ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2")
Jack chose to open the Hatch for a safe hiding place for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, following a warning from Danielle Rousseau that the Others will come to kidnap them. He, Locke, Dr. Arzt, Kate, and Hurley recovered several sticks of dynamite from the shipwreck of the Black Rock to blow the Hatch open. Hurley protested in the last second, noticing that the Numbers he considered unlucky engraved in to the side of the Hatch. In the final shot of Season 1, Locke Cheap Uggs From China and Jack gazed on the Hatch into the long, dark, narrow vertical shaft below. ("Exodus, Part 2")
Locke lowered Kate in to the Hatch. Soon after, she was pulled down as a large beam of light came out of Cheap Pandora Rings Australia the shaft entrance. Desmond had used the beam to blind Kate while he captured her and brought her into the Hatch. Locke descended after her, and Jack lowered himself in soon after. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")
The imploded Hatch. ("Further Instructions")
Once the survivors discovered the full Swan station, they began using the more convenient main airlock entrance. Soon prior to the station's destruction however, Charlie and Eko found themselves locked from the main station and again considered using the Hatch. The era of the discharge then destroyed the Hatch combined with the larger station, leaving behind only a huge crater full of Supra Sale debris.("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2") ("Further Instructions")
The Hatch being built. ("Some Like It Hoth")
When flashing through time after Ben turned the frozen wheel, the survivors hiked to the hatch crater as a reference point to determine the date. When they arrived, the hatch was still being a crater, but after time shifted again, the hatch returned to Tiffany Outlet Store how it had been before the survivors Jordan Shoes Uk Online discovered it.
When the survivors found Mbt Stockists Australia themselves in the 1970s, they got to see the Swan's construction by the DHARMA Initiative. Hurley and Miles witnessed DHARMA workers engrave the Numbers to the Hatch.
The Hatch within the video game XMen Origins: Wolvervine. Abrams conceived of the idea of a mysterious hatch around the Canadian Geese For Sale Uk Island before he and Damon Lindelof had even written the pilot. The hunt to open the hatch ended up being to take up much of the first season, and the hatch's contents were planned to reveal more about the island in later seasons.[1]
In "Some Barbour Store Leadenhall Market Enjoy it Hoth", the Numbers were engraved onto the face of the hatch itself, and never onto the side, as seen by Hurley in "Exodus, Part 2". This is believed to be a continuity error.
The Hatch is featured within the video game XMen Origins: Wolverine, and is accessible on the game's first Ugg For Sale level. Sitting on the hatch unlocks the achievement/trophy Nike Air Max 1 Australia called "Found". ArmyThe Hatch The Hydra The Arrow The Swan The Flame The Pearl The Orchid The Staff The Looking Glass The Tempest The Lamp Post The Door The ? Army camp The Barracks The Others' beach camp Cages Capsule dump Cliffside cave Decoy village East coast dock The Hostiles' camp Hydra Island The Incident Room Jacob's cabin The Lighthouse Man in Black's camp Mass grave Oldham's tent Pala Ferry Processing Center Runway Radio tower Tree mark Sonar fence Subterranean conduit The Temple The Temple wall The Tunnels Jughead
The Island's locationsAlex's hideout Ancient village Balloon Bamboo grove Bench Black Rock Cliff Cove Dark Territory Drug smugglers' plane Statue of Taweret Frozen wheel Heart from the Island Jungle Lagoon Lake The Line Man in Black's camp The Mesa North Valley Ocean Pascal Flats Polar bear cave Rivers Rope bridge Rousseau's camp Ruins Waterfall Wells
OffIsland locationsBars Eloise's church The Lamp Post Choogdong Hospital Commune Cowin Heights High School Delerue Center for Rehabilitation DHARMA Logistics Warehouse Die Baby Uggs Toronto Mauer Dina's Cafe Fieldcroft School Golden State Natural History Museum Gus' Pawn Shop Heathrow Airport Hotels and motels Kanpai Bar and Grill Kashmir Curry LAX Tracking station Marina Medical Center Long Beach Melbourne Walkabout Tours Membata Moriah Vineyards Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack La Vida Tacos Le Portail d'Arabie Long Beach Marina Rainbow DriveIn Safe house Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute Smith Stop Run Spanish Johnny's Southway Garrison Simon's Butcher Shop Sri Lanka St. Francis Hospital St. Sebastian Hospital Pandora Charms Online Australia Stadium Sun Palms Nursing Home Sydney Airport Hurley's temp agency University of Michigan Washington Tustin Senior high school
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