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Old 12-06-2013, 10:32 AM
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Default 4479 something not workrelated you want to do oae

much work and an excessive amount of energy kill a man just as effectively as too much assorted vice or too much drink.
smoke too much, drink an excessive amount of, eat too much, or work an excessive amount of. We all on the road to the gravebut there you don't need Vibram Bikila Ls to be in the passing lane. Robert Orben, American humorist.
Recently, I held a public seminar where one of the participants posed an interesting question in my experience in the Q section: "Laura, just how much work is enough? I could work 16 hours each day, but I not sure when to stop! What is a good gauge?"
Exactly what a great question! One of the audience members Buy Ugg Boots Ireland said (only halfjokingly), stop after i finish my todo list or can remain awake any longer. In my case, this will depend: I work constantly and consistently after i travel (over 100,000 miles a year on United Airlines to get to speaking engagements). I make the most of my time in airports, on planes, and in hotel rooms. Why? So I can spend more uninterrupted time with my loved ones when I home and less time working. What's the right mix for you?
No matter how productively and efficiently you work, more work always waits in the wings. As one cartoon featuring a frazzledlooking Canada Goose Outlet Calgary beaver puts it, just one dam project after another. Some tasks repeat on a predictable cycle, making it nearly impossible to find ahead. We can always do more to tweak our systems and tighten up productivityif we had nothing else to work on.
Because there is a neverending stream of labor, you must make a conscious decision to not overworkexcept when you have Canada Goose Toronto toand then only for short bursts. If you don you may end up in a volitile manner of exhaustion and poor health. Even if you do somehow find some spare time, you may feel so finished up you don know what to do when you begin wondering what happened to your family and friends.
To keep that from occurring, set deliberate limits in your work time. No work load will make you more productive than a reasonable work/life balance, especially once you hit the point of diminishing returns at about 1012 hours per day. Keep these thoughts in your mind as you proceed.
1. No one head will explode if you don finish a task this second. Furthermore, I doubt doing it tomorrow will get you fired. Few situations are so urgent you can put them off if necessaryespecially when you overextended and exhausted. Be Christian Louboutin honest, direct, and realistic.
2. Manage your expectations and deadlines. Determine, ahead of time, the amount of effort it will take to deal with a task or project. Then calculate backwards just how much you'll need to work on it every day between now and its due date, so each day you know you're making the best use of your time. Program in some flexibility in case of emergencies or illness. Make certain each milestone goes on your daily HIT (High Impact Task) list, and focus on your tasks in priority order. This way, you won suddenly Fake Ray Bans Australia realize you left your Priority 1 tasks for that end of the day, so you have not one other choice but to stay before you finished themcreating a selffulfilling prophecy of overwork.
3. Strike a decent balance. Decide to work a maximum of a set number of hours every day and to stick to your guns. If you had to work (x) number of hours per day, what would have to change in order that you should achieve it? I have to do some things on my list each day, Louis Vuitton Bags Australia but other tasks can fall off the list if I run out of time. Establish sharp boundaries between work and the rest of your life, too. When you left the office, avoid working unless it an emergency (and define very strictly). Take your wellearned breaks, weekends, and vacations as well.
4. Don forget family. A job is just a job. Yes, you want to wow your Cheap Polo Shirts boss and make a great living, but never in the expense of never seeing all your family members. If the choice comes down to breaking ties with the family or your workplace, family should win hands down. You can always get another jobyou can't get another family without much suffering. Pay attention to your Buy Mont Blanc Fountain Pen Uk kids when you still have them (trust memy daughter is graduating from senior high school next month, and I feel the time ticking within my heart every day). Set an every week date night with your spouse. If you marry your job from the beginning of your career, prepare to become alone when you retireand decide now may it be worth it.
5. Your health matters. Many people need 79 hours rest per night, and Canada Goose Whistler Parka Canada we all need to eat well and exercise regularly. Schedule your workouts as religiously while you would any of your work tasks, so that you can keep your energy up and keep astonishing productivity. I schedule my operate on my calendar 5 of Barbour Shop Newcastle seven days a week and stick to it religiously, or I'm a grumpy bear and also have horrible energy.
6. Obtain a hobby. Find (or rediscover) something not workrelated you love to do, so it tempt you away from spending too much time at work (even if you love your work too). A hobby can fill your time should you start feeling antsy about being off work. Do you love to fish, read, write, golf, play cards, ski, or swim? Jeremy Scott Wings Hoodie We have a 5monthold Aussie puppy I love to play withI'm working with her on the command "Jump" when preparing for Agility trials. Find something to go to instead of work, and make that appointment as important as any other on your calendar.
Hard work can be its own reward, however it can also be its own penalty. We only have 24 hours in the day; if you work 16like the fellow I mentioned earlier seemed willing to doyou won't have much time for the basic life functions like cooking and shoppingmuch less sleep, a healthy body, and enjoyment. Live! Don just live to work. While work is crucial, doing nothing but working only represents an existence. Long hours lead to physical and mental fatigue. This results in slower work, more mistakes, and wasted time. Around an hour agoProductivity Pro Tip 1627 Failure you prioritized is the 1 time trap at work. Start triaging your todo list.
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