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Old 12-09-2013, 04:54 AM
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I had an epidural injection one week ago to deal with painful inflammation of spinal nerve roots (sciatica). It was my Christian Louboutin Men Sale second injection; the first seemed neither to Cheap Canada Goose help or hurt. There is considerable discomfort during the procedure. I had been told to expect discomfort for a couple of days, but one week following the procedure, my pain symptoms seem to have worsened. My oral temperatures are normal. I called my physiatrist and that he suggested I take Belstaff Outlet England my oral pain medications and get some rest. Has other people out there had this experience?
He probably hit the sciatic nerve with the injection which would really irritate it greater than it already was! I've had a shot like that too, and when he place the needle in, I thought I was going to die!!! I've didn't have pain like that before. It did take awhile for Discount Ray Ban Eyeglasses this to settle down unfortunately I didn't get any "relief" from the injection.
If you didn't get relief either, don't allow them do another Supra Vaider Low Uk injection. When the first one doesn't work, any subsequent ones will not work either. Best of luck God bless. Hugs, Lee
That sounds like the person doing the epidural wasn't skilled in what he was doing. The guy who did my 2 used fluoroscopy to make sure the needle was placed correctly, there wasn't any issue with that. When he make the solution, there was a feeling of pressure, but no pain. But, I had 2 injections (one Transforamenal, another Caudal), and neither helped. When I went for the third, he said since the first 2 didn't work, the third would be meaningless which surgery was my best option (for what Nike Cortez Sale Uk I had, it was). Surgery WAS the best option.
Remember, Epdural means "on the outside" or "above" the dural sheath, therefore the nerve should not be hit directly! The aim is to bathe the area in an antiinflammatory agent to hopefully decrease the swelling and thus lessen the pain.
I did a lot of research on the guy who did my Epidurals, and asked lots of questions. He was VERY happy to see a patient so thinking about their Dr. and was more than pleased to answer all my questions.
I don't think Buy Canada Goose they are supposed to hurt that much. My initial stick ouched, then pressure, and that he used that type of equipment to look at every move he made. there were no mistakes and it did help. I'd Katamine infussions also and again there really had not been pain like you are describing. I am sorry that happened to you. It sure makes you not want to try something else doens't it? Used to do wind up in surgery, as there was a point, nothing did work. It was the right decision for me, and i'm alot better. I hope for the best for you. ginnie


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