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Old 12-05-2013, 08:36 AM
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Default and throw fossils in a museum----adah

The skull of a newlydiscovered dinosaur species in Utah, Gryposaurus monumentensis, looked incredible from the outside. Scientists call this differentlooking dino a duckbilled dinosaur.
The strong bill was useful Cheap Uggs Uk for ripping leaves from plants. But what's within the skull is even more amazing: to begin with, some 300 teeth for grinding in the leaves it ate.
This dinosaur also had plenty of extra Ugg Boots Outlet Canada teeth ready to drop into place as some wore out from all that chewing. "There are slots within their jaws for 40 to 50 rows of teeth, based on their age," says paleontologist Terry Gates from the Utah Museum of Natural History, one person in the research team studying the fossil skull. "Each slot has 4 or 5 replacement teeth. So when you need to do the mathtwo hundred times four jawsyou'll observe that there are a total of 800 teeth." The large dinosaur must have eaten lots of leaves to fuel its huge body and wear out so many teeth.
A researcher found the skull in Canada Goose Parka Clearance the Grand StaircaseEscalante National Monument in a remote a part Ugg Sale Montreal of Utah, where fossils from many types of dinosaurs have been discovered.
Additional bones resulted in about three miles away, enabling paleontologists to figure out that this giant was at least 30 feet Buy Ugg Online Canada (9.14 meters) long. "The humerus, or upper arm bone, is longer than my legit comes up to my hip," says Gates.
Gryposaurus monumentensis roamed this region looking for food during the Late Cretaceous Period, which was 75 million years ago. "We know the area was wet, humid, and swampy," says Gates. "There were lots of plants, but we don't know yet what they ate."
Paleontologists are surprised the duckbilled dinosaurs from Utah are different thanduckbilled dinosaurs that lived in Alberta, Canada, with what is now Dinosaur Provincial Park.
"Why are they not the same?" wonders Gates. He says such a large Cheap Canada Goose Vest dinosaur Goose Jackets In Toronto must have been able to travel long distances. "Maybe they ate special food and Uggs For Sale Ireland didn't want to leave it. Or was there a river or mountain system blocking their way?"
"Paleontologists don't just dig up fossils, name new species, and throw fossils in a museum," he explains. "We rely on them to look at the evolution of life in those days in many parts of the world."
Gates says new information will focus on nearby Colorado and Wyoming searching for clues. Ugg Boots Canada Free Shipping What they learn about Gryposaurus monumentensis will help our understanding of dinosaur evolution.
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