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Old 09-28-2005, 12:51 PM
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National Business Note Buyers
We pay top dollar for business notes
nationwide,with or without property!
No Closing Costs or Fees!

If you are considering the possibility of selling your owner
financed business note

and would like to receive a lump sum cash payout now, we can help!
We are nationwide

business note buyers, we purchase business notes in all areas of the
country, with or

without property. We can cash you out of your future payments often
in as little as

10-21 business days. Sell your business note quickly, fill out a
free online quote,


We Pay Premium Prices for Quality Paper!

Since most business notes are typically not secured by anything
other than the ability

of the buyer to pay and their good credit we do require the
following of business note


Requirements for business note purchase.

* Good Down Payment.

* Buyer must have good credit, both business and personal.

* Four months seasoning with excellent payment history.

* Must be first lien position note.

* If business was purchased by a corporation, note must also carry a

guarantee of the buyer.

Depending on your financial needs we can either purchase all of the
remaining payments

on the note or just a portion of the remaining payments. Providing
you with the cash

you need now, while you still retain the right to receive future

The Purchase Process:

1. Submit the particulars online in our request a quote section or
you can give us a

call 1-817-894-1119 with the details. We will also need you to fax
us a copy of the

note so we may review the terms and structure of the securing

2. We will provide the highest possible price for your note.

3. Upon acceptance of our price we will tell you the documents we
will need to

complete your transaction. You will then need to either fax or
overnight mail to us

copies of the documents we have requested.

4. After we review the documents we will send you a contract
stating the price and

terms of the purchase, upon return of the contract we will prepare
the closing


5. Once prepared the documents in most cases will be sent to a
title company in your

area for closing. You will review and sign the documents and receive
your money at

closing. If it is not convenient for you to go to the title company
for some reason we

will make other arrangments to close the transaction and FedEx your
check to you.

Today many individuals are electing to provide financing to new
buyers when they sell

their business, for many reasons including:
More qualified buyers
Quick sale
Additional monthly income the note may provide
Less hassle than more conventional financing, especially if there is
no real estate to

secure the note
However, many times a noteholder's circumstances may change. Making
the option of

large lump sum payment now more appealing and useful than the
smaller monthly

payments. If you have sold a business and opted to carry a note for
the new owner, we

can cash you out! Providing you with the working capital for a new
business venture or

for any other financial need you may have, such as:

Retirement needs
Investment Opportunities
Vacation or college tuition
Unexpected financial changes
or simply being free from the worry of late payments or the
possibility of having to

foreclose on the buyer
and the list goes on...

We have the experience and the know-how to get your note purchase
accomplished in a

fast, efficient and professional manner. We have been investing in
real estate for

over forty years and have been purchasing real estate secured notes,
business notes

and other debt instruments for our own portfolios, since 1980.
Because we are private

investors ourselves, we understand the bottom line and take pride in
providing the

highest possible pay prices as well as providing you with a fast,
hassle free closing


To sign up for your free quote today go to:

Sell Your Future Payments For CASH NOW!

We are dedicated to helping business note holders nationwide,
convert their long-term

payment streams into large lump sums of "cash in the bank" as
quickly and hassle free

as possible. Contact us today!

GARY WILLIS-817-894-1119

BRAD WALSTON-443-802-0350

LAURA WILLIS-806-236-8438

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