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Old 09-28-2005, 08:41 AM
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Default Don't miss tonight's conference call: 8:30PM (EST) MONDAY NIGHT -- 646-519-5815 pin code: 7555#

Greetings everyone:

Listen, I know there is someone who is receiving this email that has been looking for a change in their life... That there is someone who is recieving this email who either knows someone who is having some financial difficulties or they are having difficulties themselves.
a.. If you (or they) are serious about changing your situation...
b.. if you are doing the same thing over and over, and you are tired of getting the same results...
c.. If you want to find ways to increase your cashflow
d.. if you want to know how to increase you credit score which WILL lower your interest rates & insurance premiums (which automatically does what: increase your cashflow, and give you leverage, friend, which is key on your journey to wealth-building)
e.. If you having been wanting to get into real estate but you are tired of all the high-priced seminars that charge fees of $1500-$10,000 (many of which aren't worth the cost of admission)
f.. If you want to learn how to make money in the stock market doing swing trading or buying stock options but can't afford the $3000 that many of the programs require (i.e. those late-night infomercials)
g.. If you want to learn strategies for getting out of debt in less than 8 years, without increasing your current house-hold income
h.. If you, simply want to know more about money
If you want any or all those things above, then the questions should be:
a.. What to do?
b.. When to do it?
c.. How to do it?
d.. Why SHOULD you do it?
If someone shared with you what to do, WILL you do it?
If someone told you when to move, when WOULD YOU move?
If someone GAVE you how to do it, how WOULD YOU do it?
Now as for WHY should you do it, that's up to you..

a.. if there was a program and system in place available to you, where you could be mentored in real estate investing & stock market (options trading AND swing trading), shouldn't that become your "WHAT" to do?
b.. If there was a program & system in place that could increase someone's credit score by as much as 200 points in 4 months (proven), shouldn't that become your "WHAT" to do?
c.. If there was a program & system available that could show you how increase my cashflow within the next 90 days (because what good would it do me to make money in real estate or the stock market, if I have not yet learned cashflow management), shouldn't that become your "WHAT" to do?
d.. If there was a program in place that walked you through this process step by step, shouldn't that become your "HOW to do it?
e.. If you want to do something about changing your situation, NOW, and if someone was going to be sharing this information with you TONIGHT on a conference call, shouldn't that become part of your WHEN to do it?
f.. If you have love ones... if you have children.... if you want a better life for them... if you want to create generational wealth for your family.... if you want to break your cycle of "sameness"..... if you want the freedom & the time to do the things you enjoy in life... if you want to prove to others who didn't believe in you, that you can and will make.... if you need to prove to yourself that you are a winner, a leader, & a champion and you have power to make a difference.. THEN COULD ANY OF THOSE THINGS BECOME YOUR "WHY" YOU SHOULD DO IT?

What to do: Joing our conference call
When to do it: Tonight 8:30PM (EST)
How to do it: dial 646-519-5815 pin code: 7555#
Why should you do it: ___________________ (you fill in the blank)

Best regards.

Anthony Baldwin

If you are receiving this email because of membership or opt-in, if you receiving are this by error, please put unsubscribe in the subject with your name

If you want to have what someone else has, would you do what they had to do to obtain it.......?

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