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Old 12-07-2013, 12:54 AM
jfhaawvw jfhaawvw is offline
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Default GY PS . still love the hat ry

And the vast amount of information and guidance that can be sourced form it. And of course the Q forums are perfect, informative , fun and get genuine people talking on line to the point where we all get an affiliation with each other, which of course is splendid. But while this cannot be a social networking site meaning that Facebook or Friends Reunited are, I do note that registered usernames tend to appear and disappear on here, leaving a really much limited 'hard core' of people who often service the Q and discussion forums. Not to mention as regular users, everyone knows who we are. So my real question is . would we all like to see more people get regularly involved here and how do we go about promoting that? I would love to hear everyone's views here, Happy Boxing Day!
PersonallI am rather in awe and admiration from the level of informed Nike Free 4.0 V3 Review answers that people are willing to share for the benefit of others. I enjoy very much reading them. A mix of personalities, idiosyncrasy in some cases,expertise, humour and consideration makes it a very worthwhile site to come on.
Thank you for that Instinct . I am sure that we all appreciate your warm comments here. You're right, these forums are a rich blend of personality, experience and professional experience . add a touch of humour and you've got a great place to visit.
We reside in a very changing world where old values and concepts are disappearing rapidly ( alas I believe! ) and it's good for people to have Supra Online Australia the ability to communicate effectively and informally about how the core issue of money affects us all. Sharing problems, experiences, information and concepts can be so therapeutic I believe.
Appreciate your great contribution!
Some wonderful responses here . And so i guess Mens Mbt Shoes were all on the map here, so to speak. I have to say Louboutin Shoes Australia Price that my own input on here comes entirely from experience and like everybody on here, It's my job to have something useful to say about the majority of things. And if we look at the information gathered because 'knowledge of the masses' ( also known as 'Knowledge of Crowds' ), then there must be a 'peak' of direction to permit people to accept a responsibility led response to their question. The problem with this is that there are not enough individual people creating solutions to create a 'core' of acceptable information. But having said that, what does shine through from regular members on here is the superb levels of commitment and responsibility that they all take in their advice given.
Using this discussion a step further, the Q and Discussion component of this site is essentially 'member led' and as such remains an open forum within the catagories supplied. But, being great people as we all are on here, discussions will invariably spill over into other locations. I, for one, do not come on here thinking I will ask a question about 'The meaning of Life' for example but nevertheless those kind of questions do arise and lots of of us want to chip in which in lots of ways promotes our deeper level thinking. Which has to be great to share.
And one thing that this site has allowed me to do is to stretch my knowledge everywhere and make me think about more about proactive ways to simply save money and better ways to spend it. Michael Kors Sale Bag This comes from both the corporate advice on here and also the member input. And what more could we request?
That reminds me .
Thank you for that Lillie!I've always said that you can indeed learn something from anyone in society and sometimes personal experience, effectively communicated, could be more valuable than say corporate or media opinion.
Thank you for your own contributions to date which do everything to enhance this site.
Not often I'm more of a pizza hut fan but to tell the truth with the costs going up ?13 for a pizza is a bit much and thats even before the drinks. I love the stuffed crust and cheesy bites but you cant get it in anything under XL Size.
Besides I make a better homemade pizza with a nice edam or mozarella stuffed crust and my fresh ingredients even result in the base as its very important. I very politically correct when it comes Ray Ban Aviators Ebay to Pizza!>;oO
Mind you my mystery shopper very first time was at mcdonalds and ive just had an invite to test out pizza hut so winner all round!
Get paid to go to your favourite fast food place and Barbour Stockists Sydney your Air Max 90 food paid for you cant be bad!!!))
It's my job to find the site both Black Blazer For Men informative Nike Cortez Vintage and entertaining, that is a nice balance. Unfortunately the pleasant state of equalibrium has gone somewhat askew this past few weeks and I find myself logging in to be faced with irrelevant and inappropriate questions and discussions which shouldn't be here. I know I have careful analysis either answer or ignore those posts and I ought to ignore them but as an original Womens Timberland Boots member I try to welcome new members and hope that they will soon get to know the site and it's aims. Sadly this Michael Kors Bags Online does not appear to be the case at the moment. I hope things soon return to that nice happy state of advice, answers, suggestions along with a bit of pleasant humour and firendliness added too for good measure . afterall it doesn't have to be stringent moneyspeak all the time, but you will find limits!
Hi again Wendiew and thank you for your excellent contribution.
You're right of course . we do see a lot of irrelevence on here for sure but that is what you get with open forums I guess. My issue would be with individuals who create identities simply to have a laugh at other's expense. But there again, you will find an awful lot of people out there wo have little idea about money and ask what may seem to be a foolish or Fake Mont Blanc Pens Uk obscure question whereas in fact they simply have no idea. We all have to start somewhere!
The good thing here, at least for me, is that often I go to reply to a question from my 'core' knowledge ( as I do every day at Blazers Sale work ) and then find myself researching the problem so that my answer is better qualified and updated. And from that I learn too. University of Life I think they call it .
PS . still love the hat, very Greta Garboish and still smouldering .
Thank you NTB! The thing here, I believe, is that every contribution is important, as is the injection of humour so that we don't take things too seriously . life could be depressing enough at the moment!
I find myself erring on the side of caution in answering some questions, even avoiding them altogether if I have no confidence in the matter or indeed if the question appears spurious or too complicated to even comment on. However, I do understand that there are many, many people out there who have limited financial experience and just simply want to learn about something without appearing foolish. So with that in mind, everyone at least deserves a welcoming acknowledgement.
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