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Old 09-28-2005, 09:33 AM
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Default Investors......... WHAT WE CAN DO, 4 YOU (advert)

WHAT WE CAN DO, 4 YOU??? A Lot!!=0D
Before you Give up or Give in (because the bank said no) give me call. More
often than not we can approve your request BUT=85 if we can=92t we will tel=
l you
within 24 hours.=0D
This is a VERY SHORT list of programs. If you don=92t see what you need, AS=
ABOUT IT, 9 times out of 10 I have it. =0D
100% Non-Owner Program=0D
Min. 680 middle credit score=0D
SFR, 1-2 Units, Condo=0D
Full Doc Only=0D
Terms Available: 30 Year Fix=0D
Purchase, R/T Refi (No Cashout Option)=0D
95% Non-Owner Program=0D
Min. 660 middle credit score=0D
SFR, 1-4 Units, Condo=0D
Full Doc and Stated (Stated requires 680 FICO)=0D
Terms Available: 2/28, 3/27, 5/25, 30yr Fix, 15yr Fix=0D
Purchase, R/T and Cashout Refi=0D
** Refi=92s have no seasoning requirement =0D
Client had title transferred to them and we refi=92d the property into thei=
name, based on the current value & paid off the seller. Because of the
higher value vs. selling price my client did not have to put anything down.=
Same as above except my client did not qualify for 100% financing even with
a seller 2nd. The seller got a 2nd mortgage after the new 1st was put in
place to avoid any issues with the investor.=0D
Hard Money:=0D
1-4 units / 640 mid score / $35K min loan size=0D
If you are seeking hard money, the following information is needed (at a
minimum) with any request for information:=0D
Where (city/state) is the property located=0D
What is the current value and values basis=0D
What is the after repair value & what is the value based on=0D
What work (general list) has to be done. Property needing foundation work i=
rarely approved=0D
Can you verify income w/W2 or tax returns? This info is needed to develop a=
exit strategy from the loan=0D
What do you plan on doing with the property=0D
Apartments / Churches / Commercial / Industrial / Offices / Shops / =0D
An executive summary is needed with any request for information=0D
ALL residential loan programs=0D
I=92ll give you 2 reasons=85. FEES & FACTS=0D
Chances are you will know more about the status of your application than yo=
may want to know.. good or bad.=0D
We have 2 fees and if you find someone with lower fees, you should do
business with them=0D
We have a processing fee of $400.00=0D
We charge 1% of the contract price on a purchase and 1% of the property
value for refinance OR=85 $1000.00, which ever is higher.=0D
Credit reports have to be paid for at the time of application and appraisal=
have to be paid for at the time of inspection. We no longer allow these
expenses to be paid for at closing, even if the seller is going to pay them=
Pay for 1 appraisal on a loan that does not close, for whatever reason and
you will understand.=0D
Our minimum loan amount is $35,000 and our preferred minimum loan amount is
We are Mortgage Bankers as well as Mortgage Brokers which means we can
approve and fund your loan ourselves or we can place your loan with 1 of
500+ programs.=0D
Dallas Allbritton=0D
Branch Manager=0D
Dallas Allbritton=0D
Branch Manager=0D
615-361-1738 Office=0D
615-361-1408 Fax=0D
615-512-9173 Cell=0D

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