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Old 09-28-2005, 06:21 AM
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Default Landlord Tip of the Week

Too often landlords feel guilty about evicting a
tenant for anything from nonpayment of rent to being an
otherwise all-around jerk. I am passing along some thoughts
from other landlords on how they deal with any guilt
they might feel about evicting a tenant.<br><br>One
landlord sent us her story:<br><br>Mine was
clueless...<br><br>I had one family that I had to evict. I stopped by
one day to hand-deliver a 3-day eviction notice. I
handed it to the wife and I remember her actually
stumbling backwards (in SHOCK) like I had dealt her a
physical blow! Kid you not! (Thought stuff like that only
happened in the movies.) She mumbled something to me like
she thought her husband had 'cleared' his delinquent
rent payment with me already. She didn't have a CLUE
what was happening in her own family financially. Darn
shame...but I guess, that's life.<br><br>She was what I would
call, a religious 'nut' (took it one step further than
necessary. Plus, I think she had a loose screw, to boot.
(seriously)<br><br>(Man, I SURE can pick'em, can't I?!!) :-)<br><br>A week
or so after they were out of my house, their teenage
son (18 or so) showed up unexpectedly on my FRONT
porch one night. I started to step out onto the porch
to see what he wanted (didn't recognize him). He let
go with a tirade of hate!!! I locked the door behind
me (because my kids were inside) and asked this guy
WHO he was!<br><br>Then I scurried across the front
yard for my husband.<br><br>Being caught off guard
like that really scared me. I'm tall---but he towered
over me. Ya never know what somebody is going to do
when they are that enraged. He actually threatened
us.<br><br>We told him to hit the bricks; that he was
trespassing.<br><br>Called the police and told them they could find the
entire family now living at some religious retreat. The
cop wouldn't do anything because "he hadn't witnessed
anything." (Guess next time I'll have to show up at the
police station with a knife sticking outta my
back.....)<br><br>(I happened to glance over at the kids' window and
there they were---bug-eyed with mouths agape---watching
the whole 'show'!<br><br>I just happened to see the
husband recently. He had curly hair to start with. Looked
like he hadn't had a haircut in a year; had gained
umpteen pounds; was just shuffling along looking slovenly
and beaten down.<br><br>To me---that was a very sad
sight (probably because I knew him). The man just could
NOT hold down a job. The family was musically
talented to beat the band! (no pun intended). The father
had taught (I think) guitar. The son had cut a
record. The family had sang in a group.<br><br>Makes you
wonder what goes wrong. Sad!<br><br>But no, folks----I
didn't feel guilty having to evict them because the
income I generate from my real estate has to feed my
family.<br><br>My family comes
first.<br>__________________________<br><br>Tenant s whom you have to evict are not good neighbors,
they steal from you and your family and they often
need help that they won't think about getting unless
they have "hit bottom," as Joe Oselik
explained.<br><br>Your job as a landlord is to provide decent and safe
housing for the people who pay you rent and take care of
the property. You don't do your good tenants, your
property, your neighborhood or yourself any favors by
keeping bad tenants.<br><br>Don't feel guilty about
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