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Old 09-28-2005, 08:45 AM
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Default Re: In case you missed it - TUESDAY NIGHT'S conference call (08/31/04): 10PM (EST) -- 646-519-5815 pin code: 7555#

Greetings everyone:

We had a very informative & successful conference call last night. For the=
benefit of those who missed it, we're going to repeat the call tonight at =
10PM (so don't miss this one!).=20=20

TUESDAY NIGHT'S conference call (08/31/04): 10PM (EST) -- 646-519-5815 pin =
code: 7555#

We're offering the opportunity for you to join our national investors netwo=
rk through Financial Destination, Inc (FDI)..
FDI is a financial education company with products & services that have NO =
competition to speak of...=20=20

I look forward in you joining the call tonight. Please come on and announc=
e yourself as my guest (NOTE: to mute yourself out from background noise pr=
ess *6.. you can them press *6 to un-mute youreself)

Below you will find some of the benefits of becoming a member of FDI. Tha=
nk you & best regards.

Anthony Baldwin

The Many Benefits of becoming a Preferred Customer of Financial Destination=

Financial Destination Preferred Customers have access to ALL the benefits l=
isted below!=20

An Instant Pay Raise =E2=94=80 Take advantage of our Flagship Product, Mone=
yTRAX, which is a simple to use quarterly bookkeeping service that increase=
s your deductions, which in turn means bigger take home paychecks from your=
job throughout the year. This benefit alone will more than the price for a=
dmission! In other words it will cost you more not to be a Preferred Custo=
mer of FDI, than to be one! Don=E2=80=99t be fooled by some other companies=
that only provide books & tapes on how to take advantage of the tax benefi=
ts of owning your own home-based business. Financial Destination, Inc. with=
their MoneyTRAX product is the only company actually providing this genuin=
e service for you. We will teach you how to slash your tax bill, then keep =
the proper receipts and send them to us every quarter in the envelopes prov=
ided. We will also prepare profit & loss statements & quarterly returns as =
part of the MoneyTRAX service=20

[NOTE: On average, our members have been receiving instant pay raises of $2=
00-800 per month addtional income in their pay checks that they were previo=
usly and unknowingly losing to the IRS. We're all for paying our taxes, but=
let's not pay more than our fair share... don't you agree?]=20

Additional MoneyTRAX benefits:=20

FREE AUDIT INSURANCE =E2=94=80 If you are ever audited we will represent yo=
u at no charge.=20

UNLIMITED TELEPHONE CONSULATIONS =E2=94=80 Need to know more about your tax=
es or any business financial issue? Give the MoneyTRAX team of experts a ca=
ll at no charge to you.=20

PAST YEARS TAX REVIEW =E2=94=80 We will take a look at your last 3 years ta=
x returns to see if there is something your tax preparer missed that you de=
serve at no additional charge. (MoneyTrax was able to get back over $7,000 =
for one of our members!!!!!!!!!!)=20

FREE MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER =E2=94=80 Keeps you up to date on all the current=
tax laws & deductions.=20

EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE CALLS =E2=94=80 Great atmosphere for continuing educ=
ation and Q & A=E2=80=99s.=20

ACCESS to the MoneyTRAX website which is jam-packed with financial news, to=
ols & calculators to help you Know More, About Money.=20

ACCESS to annual end of year tax preparation service by the nation=E2=80=99=
s #1 home-based business tax practitioner for only $99.00. (National averag=
eping services alone can cost you $100/mo)=20

Preferred Customers of FDI also benefit from our WealthTRAX line of product=

A step by step, hold your hand along the way guide to attain financial lite=
racy. Preferred Customers who take advantage of WealthTRAX will Know More, =
About Money.=20

WealthTRAX benefits:=20

ACCESS to a team of Financial Educators teaching the 3 most Powerful ways c=
reate wealth:=20

=E2=80=A2 Stock Market =E2=94=80 Learn how to make 3-5% returns in the stoc=
k market monthly.=20

=E2=80=A2 Real Estate =E2=94=80 Learn to acquire properties with little or =
no money down with little or no credit. (this is why we joined this network=

=E2=80=A2 Owning your own home-based business. Learn how to take advantage =
of the benefits of owning your own home-based business.=20

ABILITY to purchase real estate at special discount prices for preferred cu=
stomers with no credit checks and little or no money down.=20

ACCESS to live WealthTRAX Workshops and Seminars around the country for pen=
nies in comparison to other workshops.=20

ACCESS to simple to understand Home Study Courses. Including Stock Market I=
nvesting, Real Estate Techniques & Cash Flow Management with guidance & men=
torship 365 days a year.=20

PREFERRED CUSTOMERS have unlimited access to live weekly Millionaire Mentor=
ship conference calls about the Stock Market, Real Estate & Cash Flow Manag=

FREE 2 CD set entitled D.E.B.T.S.=E2=94=80 Turning DEBTS into WEALTH. These=
CD's will teach you how to turn debt into cash flow!=20

There are many additional benefits of being a Preferred Customer of Financi=
al Destination. Check out our website and get back to the person who gave y=
ou this valuable information. The more you learn about FDI the more you wil=
l realize you have found your FINANCIAL DESTINATION!=20

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