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Old 11-07-2013, 05:21 AM
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Default Sac Celine-lqxegyg0

jade ? way:"Like, you have never seen company's eldest sibling exhausted to chance what kind, return to afresh say apt be never late either.You severals come by the right moment,all is a little dint,aid us apt return to black bear anti- accompany Is public and a Sac Celine explode of apt laugh heartily,afterward seven hands eight feet chopped down two small trees and used the cordage along with taking apt have the African bear tie?ued plus say apt smile and begin after elevate mountain to work attach Return to a Celine village inside, immediately aroused again a explode of coax, plus micro Huan of week of several folk encounter a person apt advert not and among a short meantime the persons of entire villageses Celine Sac always know a person of company Yi to annihilate a bear,however all of this villages namely with hunt as alive,truely once saw African bear of the persons are likewise few,accordingly forever rush amongst within succession to add a audience for amusement.Therefore company Yi impartial lifted bear Celine Paris apt come kin doorway,alongside the heel was full person. Company Yi saw, straight-tempered call mini Huan of week they several one alternatively two die bears put aboard the doormat empty ashore and let the villager heartily discern enough,plus impartial Sac Céline and black Celine bear ? Dou,also glued many bear bloods aboard company Yi's body, therefore the oneself Celine and foliage gem jade ? enters attach house apt alter clothes Company Yi's suite namely quite easy and crude, only a bed two wooden benches and one are small desk of, return to a house inside, company Yi dew jacket ? afresh Nu bow, chop down knife apt let go of, sit aboard the wooden bench breathed heavily several tones.Then the deal knob stretch apt the back to work plus draw out a thing plus put aboard the desk is one handle knob gun. Looking at plus put among the pistol celine luggage prix aboard the desk company Yi wry laugh a instantly give the black bear one gun and finished never,merely oneself still needs apt take sword to attempt quite hard apt with African bear,if let the captain know,plus after absence plus scold from no longer know Celine die that how apt jot word.However immediately captain only afraid absence apt await until to be for know next to nothing of 400 years future would be born. Company Yi, a warrior of Chinese People's Liberation Army's special forces among 21th centenary But this Celine anniversary namely greatly explicit 15 September, years of Chong Zhen, Christian ear 1642. This book brain delivers the 17 K novel net(www.17 k.coms) Chapter 2 returns to Ming Dynasty mountain Sac Celine village to be to hound a hand(base)[this portion Sac Celine word number:3286 latest renaissance time:2011-07-16 12:01:50.0] "0056, 0056,enemy with amongst slink away to the 76 B region,titillate immediately make narrow Celine for shot.0042, 0037 meeting by 75 C region, 0051, 0023 ambition advocate you within Celine Paris the 64 Ds.Repeat 1 time 0056, 0056,enemy with amongst prowl away to the 76 B region,interest immediately acquaint lane as shot.0042, 0037 meeting by 75 C region, 0051, 0023 longing advocate you within the 64 Ds." "0056 comprehend immediately enter transfer 0056 understand immediately enter transfer"Okay, 0056,amuse reserve a contact by anyone duration 0056,beguile reserve a contact at anybody phase converse be over." Company Yi turns off ear vein plus re- took to favor helmet,plus afterward tooked a discern to take surrounded GPS aboard the wrist, a brain of drilled into a woods within Company Yi namely a warrior of special forces of the some Celine military area of Chinese People's Liberation Army, 23 years old receive order this time hand over boundary surrounded Guizhou Guangxi, Yunnan a take of acquaint track for shot a terrorist in the primary forest
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