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Old 09-28-2005, 08:13 AM
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Default Seeking Property Locators/Bird Dogs! Nationwide!

Welcome ,=20
This is the =93Monster Bird Dog=94 opportunity you have been dreaming about=

Earn $1,000 to $25,000 On Each Deal!=20

You can earn direct fees of 1% of the purchase price of the property we buy=
that you locate for us! The minimum fee is $1,000 and tops out at $25,000!=

All types of income producing properties are eligible, single family houses=
, multi-family houses, hotel's, apartment houses, malls, warehouses, anywhe=
re in the US and Canada!=20

That=92s just for openers. I hope you are sitting down! We want you to find=
us more Bird Dogs, a lot more.=20

Earn $1,000 to $25,000 on Each Deal on the 2ND Level, Too!=20

Therefore, we are going to pay you the SAME 1% on deals your recruits find =
for us as well!=20

OK, the law of 80/20 says that only 20% of them are going to follow through=
and bring in deals. 20% of 1,000 is 200. Only 20% or less of their deals w=
ill be accepted, that is about 40 deals from which you would make a minimum=
of $1,000 each!!!=20

This commission structure is unheard of in the affiliate marketing world an=
d quite frankly, we don=92t know how long we are going to offer it. It is j=
ust too rich!=20

Build a World Wide Team!=20

You can literally build your own International Bird Dog organization.=20

Can you imagine? How many affiliates can you recruit at Zero Cost to sign u=
p? 10, 100, 1000!=20

Your organization can Span the Globe, locating properties in from coast to =
coast, the Arctic Circle to the Mexican border!=20

Can You Say =93Massive, Passive Income?"=20

While you are sleeping or playing, your affiliates are reading ads, calling=
sellers, writing post cards, advertising, placing flyers day and night to =
find deals. That we are going to pay them and you a full commission on!?!??=
? We must be nuts!=20

Hurry and GET BUSY before we regain our senses.=20

Seriously, we want you to blow this thing out and help us build the largest=
network of property finders in the country, fast!=20

There is no limit to the number or location of the people you can recruit.=

Get out that Rolodex; get on People Finder on the Internet, put out the ads=
and banners we will supply you with.=20

We Are All Cash Buyers, No Upper Limit!=20

Listen, we are a group of All Cash investors with access to virtually unlim=
ited financing to purchase All Types of income producing property, not just=

The lowest value property we will consider is a property with a market valu=
e of $100,000. Now the asking price must be lower, much lower or we would n=
ot be interested, but that is the minimum market value. There is virtually =
NO upper limit on the property value that we buy. What matters is that it i=
s a great buy.=20

Apartment houses, complexes, hotels, malls, shopping centers, any type of i=
ncome producing properties. They can be located anywhere between the Arctic=
Circle and the Mexican Border!=20

Bring Us Very Motivated Sellers!=20

Our buying criteria are simple. We are looking to purchase properties signi=
ficantly below their market value, and then we turn them quickly and sell t=
hem to other investors, also significantly below market value.=20

Obviously, this means that you will have to locate properties owned by Very=
Motivated Sellers (VMS), or even investors who want a fast, all cash deal.=

Don=92t Get Fired!=20

Don=92t waste our time or yours submitting properties that don=92t make sen=
se. If we see that you consistently do this, you will be terminated.=20

While we are on this unpleasant subject, let us also bring in the problem o=
f SPAM ,the sending of unsolicited email or posting repetitive messages or =
inappropriate messages on forums or other message boards. The subject of Sp=
amming has become a deadly serious one in recent times and our whole busine=
ss could be shut down because of it and we would not like that! So before w=
e are shut down, we will shut you down. Nuf said!=20

No Real Estate Experience Needed!=20

OK, what if you have little or no experience in real estate? How do you go =
about finding these VMS characters?=20

Stop for a moment. Remember, all you have to do is to recruit a team of Bir=
d Dogs and you are in business! Have you seen the recruiting ad?=20

Super Birddog Opportunity!=20
Earn $1,000 to $25,000 on 1st level,=20
Build unlimited number of team members=20
On 2nd level. Pays you SAME on 2nd level!=20
All Cash, International investors, all types=20
Of income producing properties! Hotels,=20
Apartment houses, malls, homes, stores=20
Anywhere in the US and Canada! No Exp=20
Nec. Will teach! Hurry, WILL NOT LAST!=20

Wow, if you can=92t build a MONSTER TEAM with that one, you need to Lay Dow=
n, DAWG, your hunt=92n days are over!=20
We are a nationwide group of real estate investors.=20

We are actively looking to buy well priced residential and income producing=
properties across the US and elsewhere.=20

We currently purchase hundreds of properties of all types each month and in=
tend to steadily increase those numbers.=20

We close quickly, all cash in most cases.=20

Obviously, we are looking for good deals. The better deal you can offer, th=
e better chances it will have against the thousands of properties that cros=
s our desk each month.=20

So if you are ready to start making some serious money in the Real Estate B=
usiness, LETS GET STARTED!!=20

"It's FREE"

Do you Yahoo!?
Friends. Fun. Try the all-new Yahoo! Messenger

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Old 06-03-2008, 03:05 PM
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Default property locators nationwide

very interested in the property locator position please contact Glesther Keown if the positions are still available my phone number is 501-851-6906 (cell) and 5010952-9519 (home) my e-mail address is thank you.
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