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Old 09-28-2005, 10:32 AM
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Default This program is for EVERYONE! Payoff your Mortgage! Buy A New Home!

This Program is for EVERYONE, no matter what program your currently
working with. Almost everyone you know has a mortgage or almost
you know make rent payments!

You've probably heard of biweekly mortgage payment plans - you know
(usually for an additional fee) you pay every 2 weeks instead of
every month
resulting in an extra monthly payment each year. Such a plan will
save you
thousands but now there's something better. Way Better!

The company that invented it, Brixdale, calls it an 'Inverse
Mortgage.' The
plan is so powerful that an entire 30 year mortgage can be paid in
less than
a year!

In fact, you don't even have to have a mortgage (renters) to benefit
from this
program. If you rent, you can use this type of mortgage to get out of
rental place and into a home that you own - free and clear! This
too, can
be done in less than a year and there will never be any mortgage

There's More... You can painlessly leverage the 'Inverse Mortgage'
into an
income stream of $1000 per day or more. How? years of back-breaking
No, that's what you are already doing. There is no reason to go on
for your home once or twice for the bank and then pay for it again for

Here's how easy it is to take back control of your life: To learn
Click here and listen to the full presentation. The access code is

1. Go to

2. Enter JO2127 (First two are Alpha letters)

You will find a 20 minute audio recording and a couple pages to read
explain the program in greater detail. I have left out several
surprises. You'll love it.

To summarize, this is what will happen:
In the first step is Brixdale will take over your monthly payments
electronically. Each month Brixdale will electronically debit your
client account
for the amount of your monthly payment and send the funds to your
company or your landlord if you rent.

The second step is to alter the timing of your client next 4
payments. The
presentation will explain the benefit for doing this.
This may be the hardest part of the program - but well worth it.
that, you will go back to your regular payment due date. So anyone
can find
a way to do it. (Your payment is protected under Reg. E)

The third step will require you to work about 15 hours. Compare that
to 15
or 30 years! All you have to do is introduce 3 or 4 people to this
program - like I'm doing here - you can do it in whichever manner you
choose. I think its fun, call me, (James Owens (440)233-5706) I'll
happy to help if you want me to. How soon the work gets completed
determines how fast your mortgage gets paid off.

To learn more, Listen to the full presentation. The access
code is JO2127

The program will not cost you any money out of your
pocket when you sign up. So it is 100% risk free. Anyway, you do
not need
a check or a credit card to get started; but I think you will want
to have
your bank and mortgage account information available (or landlord
info, if a
renter) to get going right away

James Owens

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