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Old 09-28-2005, 09:36 AM
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Default Virtual Staffing - Q&A

Still not convinced that virtual staffing is the way of the future? St=
ill not convinced that virtual staffing fits your business? Read on...we'v=
e taken some of our most oft asked questions and compiled them here for you=

Q: How many people are in your bank of people who answer phones for client=

A: ZERO! We don't have a bank of people answering phones. Each and every=
client is treated as the individual that they are. Each client, regardles=
s of how big or small is assigned just one admin. This admin is then able =
to get to know your clients/customers, your business, and how you like your=
work performed. That's how we're able to give that personal touch!

Q: Are your admins the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel? The ones =
that corporate America didn't want?

A: On the contrary, you'd be amazed at the education levels of the people =
who work for Team Double-Click, Inc. and our clients. These aren't people =
left behind by corporate America. They're the ones that chose to leave cor=
porate America behind to be home with their kids, elderly parents, or ill s=
pouses. Many have Ph.D.s, MDs, and various other degrees. They've worked =
for some of the largest and most prestigious corporations in the world. Bu=
t their choice to stay home has also left them needing and wanting addition=
al income and wanting to make a contribution to the world's workforce. Thi=
s makes our group unique - they WANT to work. They don't have to work. Wa=
nting to work versus needing to work tends to make a more productive and ha=
ppy worker. And a happier worker means a better quality worker!

Q: What if I'm not happy with the admin you assign me?

A: We're huge on customer service. If for any reason you're not happy wit=
h your admin, we want to know right away. First, we'll try to work through=
the problem. If it's something that can't be worked out, we'll replace hi=
m/her for you.

Q: Will my virtual admin or marketing assistant live near me?

A: While it's possible, it's not likely. Because all of the work we do fo=
r you is done via the internet, fax, phone, and snail mail, it's generally =
not necessary. Your admin may be located hundreds of miles from you, but r=
est assured that he/she is well-versed in the latest technology and able to=
make it all flow smoothly from afar.

Q: Most staffing agencies charge a minimum of 4 hours, even if I only need=
the person for 2 hours. Does Team Double Click have a similar minimum cha=

A: No! Our admins are assigned to more than one client. So when they're =
not working on your things, they're working on items for another client, th=
us filling up their day. So we have no need to charge a minimum amount of =
time - you're charged only for what you use!

Q: Can your assistant answer my office phones, even if she's not in my off=

A: That's an easy one - ABSOLUTELY! It's as easy as ordering a "call forw=
arding" option from your phone company. You then punch in the code that yo=
ur phone company requires and forward the phone to your admin. She'll answ=
er your calls, answer caller's questions, and relay messages back to you.

Q: Isn't a service like this expensive?

A: Not at all! In fact, our services are quite affordable. First, your o=
verhead costs are lower. No computers to purchase, no desks to buy, no off=
ice space to provide, no holiday pay, no FICA, no sick time, and no heat an=
d electricity to foot the bill for. And with hourly rates as low as $25/ho=
ur, we become even more affordable.

Q: Can I set my own budget?

A: Of course. We realize the importance of staying within a budget. It's=
as easy as letting us know how many hours per week of our services you can=
afford. Our admin will be made aware of that time "cap" and do her best t=
o get as much done in the allotted time as she can. Whatever doesn't get d=
one will wait until the following week. S/he'll also work with you to dete=
rmine priorities to ensure that your most important tasks are always comple=
ted first.

Q: How do your virtuals work?=20

A: Quite well, thank you. Just kidding (see, we can even have a virtual s=
ense of humor). Virtual assistants come in all shapes and sizes, just as a=
ny business does. Our VA=92s all work from home-based offices. They=92re =
the savviest of the savvy when it comes to operating on a low budget and us=
ing technology to their advantage. Most are equipped with the latest softw=
are (and lots of it), multiple phone lines, Internet, e-mail, fax machine, =
cellular phone, copy machines, scanners, and a great attitude. Many even c=
ome with a cat or dog! He or she will use all of the latest technology to =
communicate with you and get your work done as quickly as possible. And, p=
ossibly best of all, they only =93clock in=94 when they=92re on your projec=
t, not while they=92re sitting at your desk, using your electricity, playin=
g solitaire!

Q: How can I trust someone I=92ve never met?

A: We and our VA=92s are as concerned with your business success as they a=
re with their own. In fact, our success and their success depends on your =
success. So, our virtual can become one of the best assistants and busines=
s partners you=92ve ever had. Just like you, they are business owners and =
very interested in helping their clients. Plus, you've got Team Double Cli=
ck to back you up should you run into any problems. We've got lots of sati=
sfied clients whom we'd be happy to give you as references.

Q: What can I do to be sure I get what I'm looking for in an assistant?

A: Now that you=92ve decided to hire a virtual assistant, there are severa=
l things you need to ask yourself and relay to us:


=B7 What exactly do I need help with?

=B7 What expertise does the VA need?

=B7 How much do I have to spend?

=B7 How quickly do I need this project done?

=B7 How long will I need virtual assistance?

=B7 How often will I need my VA to work?

=B7 What hours should he or she be available?

=B7 What days of the week?

=B7 Is there any specific software he or she needs to have?

=B7 Is what I need accomplished so specific that I=92ll need to inc=
orporate some training time?

=B7 How do I want to communicate with my VA? Phone, e-mail, snail=
mail, or a combination?

=B7 Does my VA really need to be located in a particular time zone=
, country, part of the country, city?

=B7 Any other particular qualities you=92d like your virtual assis=
tant to have?

Q: I don't know how to transfer the files or how this will all work.


A: That's no problem. We've helped lots of clients just like you in simil=
ar situations. We're happy to walk you through it step-by-step and at no a=
dded charge.

The use of virtual assistants truly is a win-win for everyone involved.=
For the employee-challenged business, VA=92s dramatically increase your l=
abor pool. And, for the cash-strapped entrepreneur, virtuals save money - =
lots of money. What=92s more, it=92s better for the environment to hire vi=
rtually. Just think of all the vehicle emissions you=92ll be saving by hav=
ing one or two workers telecommute. As for the VA, they typically enjoy a =
better quality of life, as they are also able to be home and raise their ch=
ildren in between working on your projects.


Drop us an email today and mention this email to receive $25 off you=
r first invoice! We're happy to send you a free no obligation information =

Gayle Buske
President, Team Double-Click, Inc.
Fax: 262.364.3022
"We're here for you...virtually!"

Team Double-Click, Inc. provides virtual assistance for small and home-base=
d businesses. We are a virtual staffing agency, working with over 1,500
of the best virtual office professionals the world has to offer.

~ Virtual assistants
~ Transcription
~ Editing and Creative writing
~ Project management
~ Marketing
~ Graphic design and Illustration
~ Web Design and Search Engine Optimization
~ Literary agency

"Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never-in nothing grea=
t or
small, large or petty-never give in except to convictions of honor and good
sense." ~Winston Churchill

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