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Real Estate Investing : Investment Property Last Updated: May 14th, 2012 - 22:24:01

Questions To Ask When Investing In Property Overseas

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Knowledge is power, so they say. Well that may not always be the case, but it certainly helps when you’re trying to make an informed decision on something as important as investing in property.

When it comes to assimilating information about investment property, obtaining this knowledge is often a matter of knowing which questions to ask.

There are three golden rules that you should follow to ensure that your enquiry doesn’t get pushed to the back of the queue when a busy agent opens his inbox and finds a flood of new enquiries generated by our wonderful site….

1. Avoid open ended questions.
A large proportion of enquiries are simply along the lines of “please send more information”. Put yourself in the agent’s position. What information do you expect them to send? Be specific and you’re much more likely to get a response.

2. Keep your property enquiries to information about the property
Generally, you should find out the basics of buying in a country before you start making enquiries. Ethical agents with good products normally prefer selling to informed buyers. It is not really their job to give detailed explanations about mortgage availability, purchase processes, economic stability, the weather, the tourist industry and so on. Some agents will be happy to provide this information, but you are better off either finding this information as part of your research, or asking it later on down the line once you have struck up some sort of relationship with the agent.

3. Ask only those questions that are relevant, both to you and to the property.
Don’t simply copy and paste an enormous list of questions into all your enquiries. If something is not particularly important to you, don’t waste your time and the agent’s time by asking it.

Also, you shouldn’t assume that the agent will have all of the information immediately available. Sometime the developers can be slow in providing the information to the agents, and there can be a chain down which the information must be past. If you have specific or unusual information requests, be patient.

So here they are, over 130 questions you could ask in relation to an investment property. Do everyone a favour though – don’t ask them all at once!

Availability & Construction

  • Is this a newly built property?

New build properties

  • What is the release date of this development?
  • At what stage of the construction process is this development currently?
  • How many phases are planned for this development?
  • When is the anticipated completion date for this phase of the development?
  • When is the anticipated completion date for the final phase of the development?
  • Is the building work guaranteed? For how long? By whom?
  • Is the project underwritten by a bank?
  • How many units will be in the development?
  • How many and which units are still available on this development?
  • Do you have an availability / price list?


  • Is this property still available?
  • When was this property built?
  • How long has this property been on the market?
  • Do you have other similar properties to this one?
  • Are the title deeds for this property available?
  • Does this development have full planning permission?
  • What material is the property constructed from?


  • What is the exact location of this property?
  • Do you have a map of the surrounding area with the location of the development shown on it?
  • Which is the nearest village / town / city to this property?
  • What is the name of the complex that this property is on?
  • Do you have a plan of the entire development?
  • What is the aspect of this property?
  • What views does the property have?
  • How far is it from this property to the nearest…? (shops, restaurants, supermarket, airport, town, motorway, bus station, railway station, beach, golf course, ski lifts, attractions, schools etc)
  • How close is the property to the next building?
  • What amenities are close to the property/development?
  • What facilities are available on-site at the development?

The Property

  • Is this a leasehold or a freehold property?
  • How many years is the lease?
  • Do you have any additional photos of this property?
  • Do you have any interior photographs?
  • Do you have floor plans for this property?
  • How many rooms does this property have?
  • How are the rooms currently being used (dining room, lounge, study etc)?
  • How many bathrooms does this property have?
  • Do you have dimensions for the main rooms in the property?
  • What is the area in square metres / feet of the habitable area?
  • Is there any land with this property? If so, how much?
  • Are there any outbuildings included in the price?
  • What is the area in square metres / feet of the plot of land?
  • Does this property have a balcony / terrace? What size? What aspect? What does it look out onto?
  • How many floors does the development have?
  • Which floor is this apartment on?
  • Has the apartment block got a lift?

Property Features


  • Can you send me a full specification list for the interior and finishes?
  • Is the property furnished?
  • What furniture is included in the purchase price?
  • What furniture packs are available with this development and at what cost?
  • What, if any, kitchen appliances are included in the price?
  • Does this property have air conditioning?
  • What type of heating does the property have?
  • Does the property have a phone line installed?
  • Is an ISDN / Broadband internet connection available in the area?
  • Does the price include the…(if in doubt, ask!!!)?


  • Is there a garden / are there communal gardens?
  • Does this property have a garage / parking space?
  • Is there a private / communal swimming pool?
  • How many apartments / villas share each swimming pool?
  • What size is the swimming pool?
  • Is the swimming pool heated?
  • Is there sufficient space / infrastructure to fit a pool in the garden?

Investment Performance


  • Is this property in a short-term or long-term rental area?
  • What are the demographics of the other buyers in this development / area?
  • To whom is the property most likely to be let?
  • Will the complex be open all year round?
  • What are the likely achievable occupancy rates for this property?
  • Do you have evidence of historical rental levels for a comparable property?
  • Can you provide us with a local letting agent to rent the property out?
  • Is there a management facility available?
  • Are there any restrictions on letting this property out?
  • Is personal use permitted with this development?
  • Is there a guaranteed rental yield with this property?
  • How much is the guaranteed rental yield and for what duration?


  • Is this a new build leaseback or a refurbishment?
  • Is the rental guarantee index-linked or fixed?
  • Who is the rental income guaranteed by?
  • Is it possible to negotiate a higher / lower amount of personal use in return for a higher / lower rent guarantee?
  • Can I transfer my usage to family or friends?
  • Is there an occupancy restriction during the winter?
  • Is there an option to renew the lease at the end of the term?
  • At what intervals is the rental income paid?

Running costs

  • Can you give me a breakdown of the annual running costs?
  • What are the service charges?
  • What are the management costs for this property?
  • What are the annual land taxes on this property?
  • Who is responsible for insurance on this property?


  • Do you have evidence of the capital growth for a comparable property?
  • Are the contracts on this development fully assignable before completion?
  • Does the selling agent handle the resale if I wish to sell the property prior to its construction?
  • Do you have evidence of the sustainability / viability of the resale market, for properties being sold both before and after completion?
  • What are the fees and costs associated with selling the property prior to its construction?

Purchase Costs & Process


  • When are you able to hold viewings for this property?
  • Do you arrange viewing trips?
  • Is there a show flat at the development?


  • Is the price flexible?
  • What volume discounts apply for the purchase of multiple units?
  • Is there an initial reservation fee, and if so, how much?
  • Is this reservation fee refundable? For how long?
  • Is there a finders fee payable to the agent in relation to this property?
  • What is the deposit on this property?
  • What is the structure of the payment stages for this development?
  • Can you give me a detailed breakdown of the costs attached to buying this property?


  • Is VAT included in the price, or is it charged on top?
  • If the VAT is reclaimable, is it deducted from the asking price or refunded at a later date?
  • Is the full amount of the VAT refundable?
  • How long will it take to get the VAT refunded?


  • Do you have a recommended mortgage partner to help arrange finance for this property?
  • What is the maximum mortgage we will be able to obtain on this property?
  • Do you have a recommended solicitor / notary to handle the purchase?
  • Is it a requirement to use your solicitor / notary to handle the purchase?
  • What are the likely solicitor / notary fees for this property?
  • Can the purchase be completed without a visit to a local solicitor / notary?
  • Can the purchase be made by an individual or must it be done through a locally formed company?
  • Can I use a UK company to make the purchase?

Renovation projects

  • Is this property currently vacant?
  • Is this property currently habitable?
  • What work is required to make this property habitable?
  • What is the approximate anticipated cost to make this property habitable / lettable?
  • What services (electric, water, gas, telephone, sewage) are already connected?
  • Does this property have electricity?
  • Does this property have running water?
  • Does this property have a septic tank?
  • Is there any possibility for extending this property?
  • Does the property have planning permission? If so, for what?
  • Can you provide comparables for the likely rental income / resale value once the property is renovated?



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