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Aug 10, 2005, 13:11



Most of us would like to get into a house for as little money as possible out of our pocket. This allows us to have a reserve of security cash in the bank and allows us to use our money for other things such as investments, vacations and big-people toys (my personal favorite is traveling).

You may be asking yourself how can you buy a house for less than 5-20% down plus closing costs

and prepaids (which typically amount to an additional $3,500). My answer to your question is short and sweet - the lease purchase contract.

This real-world example will prove to you how quick and easy it is to buy a home with the lease purchase contract. In fact, this is how I bought my last home that I live in right now:

While sitting at my desk shuffling through some paperwork, I got a phone call from a friend of mine who knew I was looking to move near his neighborhood. He told me that he drove by a beautiful home on a lake that had a For Rent sign in the front yard and that it would be perfect for me. So I drove by the home for myself to see what it was all about. It was perfect!

I jotted down the phone number from the sign and returned home. I did some research to determine what the home might be worth and what the fair market rent was. With my numbers in hand, I drove back out to the home and knocked on the door.

To my amazement, it was Paul and Stefanie who were clients of mine when I was selling insurance a few years ago. I couldn't believe it!

We talked about old times and, in short order, got down to business. They told me that they were asking $1,600 per month for rent. I asked them if they would consider selling their home and they said yes, as long as they got no less than $180,000. I knew from my research that their home was worth a little more.

I offered them the following lease purchase deal: $2,601 down (first month's rent plus $1,000 for the option deposit), $1,650 per month rent, $300 per month rent credit, a term of 4 years and a sales price of $195,000. They accepted my offer without batting an eye.

Paul and Stefanie have a positive monthly cash flow of $480, they have a tenant who will take care of their home as if it was their own (which it is), they have a written sales agreement for $195,000 in 4 years plus they saved thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.



In 4 years I will have over $15,400 in equity ($300 x 48 months + $1,000) so I probably won't have to come up with a down payment when we close, I paid a minimum amount of money to gain control of a wonderful home, my closing costs are delayed for 4 years, I will profit from any appreciation in value of the home, I don't pay any taxes and I have a limited exposure to liability. This entire process took less than two days to complete!

And my personal favorite, if I decide that I no longer want the home, I can assign (sell) my agreement to a third party for a tremendous profit! (This is covered in another tip.)

People do this all the time. They are doing it as I type this page. Real estate brokerages have entire divisions set up to exclusively handle lease purchase deals. If all these people can do it, you can do it, too.

Without a doubt, the lease purchase contract provides for the best financing terms you will find in any free market in the world. The numbers never lie.

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