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The Complete Package
Buying Income Property - No Money Down

Brad Martineau's unique real estate investing course, The Complete Package, teaches you how to buy income property with No Money Down, & how to get Cash Back at closing! It also teaches you how to build a Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in 3 years or less!

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About the Author -  Bradley J. Martineau

Brad has bought & sold over several Million Dollars in Real Estate since he first began investing in real estate. He  is also a commercial real estate lawyer from Lambert & Martineau Attorneys at Law. He bought his 1st income property at the age of 20 while still attending college, & then bought 13 more properties over the next couple of years. He started buying income properties with less than $9,000 cash in his pocket! He has invested both actively & passively in real estate ventures. Brad has learned from both his profitable successes and expensive mistakes what it takes to succeed when investing in real estate. In addition, he has been teaching others how to buy real estate with little or no money down from his 1-on-1 mentoring program.

Buying Income Property - The Model Plan

  • A thorough real estate investment guide that shows you step-by-step how to buy income property with zero down! Brad shows you how to effectively use second mortgages, owner financing, lease-to-own options, owner concessions, & much more! In addition, he shows you the ideal kinds of income property you should be looking for in order to buy them with no down payment, how to find zero down properties, & how to negotiate the best deal on a property. Specifically, he shows you how he got $40,000 CASH BACK at one closing alone when buying an income property! You too can get CASH BACK at your real estate closings, & he shows you how! More importantly, he gives you his "Model Plan," which gives you a detailed road-map on how to build a Million $$$ Real Estate Portfolio in just a few years. You will also learn how to efficiently manage income property so that they are Hassle-Free & Tenant Free - the way real estate investing should be! With his management system, you will be able to manage your income properties from the comfort of your home & still have a great steady stream of cash coming in every month! Finally, he shows you a very quick, unique, & profitable way to sell your income properties!
Buying Your Dream Home with No Money Down
  • Another informative real estate guide that shows you how to buy your dream home with Zero Down! If you are looking or even thinking about purchasing a house or a vacation home in the near future, you will not want to miss out on this valuable no money down information. Brad shows you how to work around the bank's rigid lending programs & how to even get the seller to help you with financing so that you can buy your home with No Down Payment! This great guide teaches you how to buy a great home whether you have good or bad credit!
Real Estate Web-sites
  • Many valuable & helpful real estate web-sites. He provides sites with free sample real estate forms, such as leases, rental applications, pay or quit notices, lease renewal contracts, lease extensions, real estate sales contracts, security deposit contracts & much much more! He also provides real estate web sites that also allow you to search online for income properties & many other types of real estate - in the United States, Canada & many other countries! Order Now!
Sample Sales Agreements & Settlement Statements
  • Sample real estate sales agreements from Brad's own closings! You get to see exactly how he bought & sold his income properties. You also receive some of his real estate settlement statements so that you can see exactly how he walked away from one real estate closing with $40,000 CASH in his pocket! In addition, you see first-hand how he purchased & sold over a Million in real estate with little or no money down in just a few years! Order Now!

Only $39.97  For a Limited Time Only $24.95!
The 10 Ways to Save Money at Closing
  • This handy real estate tool teaches you how to negotiate & save thousands on real estate closing costs when buying & selling property.  
Personal Mentoring Program
  • Personal "One-on-One" real estate email mentoring program with Brad Martineau himself! He is available to you personally by email to answer your real estate investing questions! Brad can help you every step of the way until you buy your first income property. He can help you find an ideal income property to buy with little or no money down & then help you negotiate a fantastic deal! In fact, Brad Guarantees that he will help you save you at least $500 (most likely more) off of your down payment & your closing costs on your 1st purchase alone if you allow him to work with you! After your 1st real estate purchase, he continues to be available via email to give you on-going support so that you are ALWAYS comfortable with your real estate investing decisions as you build your Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio. You will not find a more complete & personalized real estate mentoring program for this extremely low price, & his ongoing email support is absolutely FREE when you buy The Complete Package! Compare this to other real estate investing programs that want to charge you thousands for ongoing mentoring AFTER you have already paid hundreds for their real estate investing course.
Real Estate Investing Group
  • An invitation to join Brad Martineau's private Real Estate Investing Group. This membership is FREE when you purchase The Complete Package! This is a great place where serious real estate investors can interact & discuss their investments & ideas with each other. Not only can you learn more about real estate investing, you can also to meet people who are buying & selling real estate. Within this real estate group's web-site, you can list income properties that you are selling or look for real estate that you may want to buy. In addition to interacting with serious real estate investors from all across the country & the world, you will receive valuable real estate tips from Brad. Currently there are over 650 members in the group & it is growing rapidly by the day!


If you only learn one or two things from Brad's unique real estate investing system, it could save you & make you a lot of money! Begin enjoying the benefits that real estate investing has to offer, such as:

      Generating a Large "Hassle-Free" Monthly Income!
      Making a Fortune even in your Spare Time!
      Building a Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio & a Solid Net Worth!
      Reaping the Great Tax Benefits - Depreciation Deductions!
      Quiting your Job & being your Own Boss!
      Becoming Financially Independent!
      Retiring Sooner than you Ever Imagined!
The real estate investment guides, the helpful real estate web sites, the sample real estate sales agreements, the sample real estate settlement statements, "The 10 Ways to Save Money at Closing," Brad's on-going personalized "one-on-one" real estate mentoring program, & the real estate investing group membership provides you with everything that you need to begin buying income properties & your dream home today! Compare Brad's program with other no money down courses out there. You will not find a better value for this amazingly low price, just compare this to other real estate courses such as Carlton Sheets.  
Remember your purchase is backed with a 8 weeks money back guarantee. If "The Complete Package, Buying Income Property No Money Down"  isn't to your liking, I will fully refund your purchase.
Only $39.97  Only $24.95

Order your copy of The Complete Package Today!                          



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