___________________________________, as assign or







                                 ___________________________________, as assignee








                                                       OF LEASES AND RENTS













                                                PREPARED BY AND UPON

                                                RECORDATION RETURN TO:





                                                File No.:


                                                Title No.:



            THIS ASSIGNMENT OF LEASES AND RENTS (AAssignment@) made as of the _____ day of ________________, _____, by ________________________________________ _____________________________________________, a ____________________, having its principal place of business at _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________, as assignor (ABorrower@) to ______________________________, a ______________________, having an address at _________________________________________, as assignee (ALender@).





            Borrower by its promissory note of even date herewith given to Lender is indebted to Lender in the principal sum of $______________ in lawful money of the United States of America (together with all extensions, renewals, modifications, substitutions and amendments thereof, the ANote@), with interest from the date thereof at the rates set forth in the Note, principal and interest to be payable in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in the Note. 


            The Note is secured by that certain mortgage and security agreement, deed of trust and security agreement, deed to secure debt and security agreement or similar real estate security instrument given by borrower to or for the benefit of Lender, dated the date hereof, in the principal sum of $________, covering the Property (defined below) and intended to be duly recorded (the ASecurity Instrument@) and certain other documents (other than this Assignment) now or hereafter executed by Borrower and/or others and by or in favor of Lender which by their terms wholly or partially secure or guarantee the payments under the Note (the AOther Security Documents@).


            Borrower desires to secure the payment of the principal sum, interest and all other sums due and payable under the Note, the Security Instrument, this Assignment and the Other Security Documents (collectively, the ADebt@) and the performance of all of its obligations under the Note and the Other Obligations as defined in Article 2 of the Security Instrument.


                                                     Article 1 - Assignment


            Section 1.1      Property Assigned.  Borrower hereby irrevocably, absolutely and uncon­di­tion­ally assigns and grants to Lender the right, title and interest of Borrower in and to all of the following property, rights, interests and estates, whether now owned, or hereafter acquired (the AAssignment Property@):


            (a)        Leases and Other Agreements.  All existing and future leases and all other agreements, whether or not in writing, affecting the use, enjoyment or occupancy of all or any part of that certain lot or piece of land, more particularly described in Exhibit A annexed, together with the buildings, structures, fixtures, additions, enlargements, extensions, modifications, repairs, replacements and improvements now or hereafter located thereon (collectively, the AProperty@) now or hereafter made, whether before or after the filing by or against Borrower of any petition for relief under 11 U.S.C. ' 101 et seq., as the same may be amended from time to time (the ABankruptcy Code@), together with any extension, renewal or replacement of the same (collectively the ALeases@); this Assignment of all such present and future leases and present and future agreements being effective without further or supplemental assignment. 


            (b)        Rents.  All rents, additional rents, revenues, income, issues and profits (including all oil and gas or other mineral royalties and bonuses), deposits, accounts and other benefits arising from the Leases or otherwise from the use, enjoyment and occupancy of the Property and any cash or security deposited in connection therewith, whether paid or accruing before or after the filing by or against Borrower of any petition for relief under the Bankruptcy Code (collectively, the ARents@).


            (c)        Bankruptcy Claims. All claims and rights to the payment of damages and other claims arising from any rejection by a lessee of any Lease under the Bankruptcy Code (the ABankruptcy Claims@).


            (d)       Lease Guaranties.  All claims and rights under any and all lease guaranties, letters of credit and any other credit support (individually, a ALease Guaranty@, and collectively, the ALease Guaranties@) given to Borrower by any guarantor in connection with any of the Leases (individually, a ALease Guarantor@, and collectively, the ALease Guarantors@).


            (e)        Proceeds.  All proceeds from any sale or other disposition of the Leases, the Rents, the Lease Guaranties and the Bankruptcy Claims.


            (f)        Other Rights of Lessor.  All rights, powers, privileges, options and other benefits of Borrower as lessor under the Leases and beneficiary under the Lease Guaranties, including without limitation the immediate and continuing right to make claim for, receive, collect and apply all Rents payable or receivable under the Leases and all sums payable under the Lease Guaranties or pursuant thereto (and to apply the same to the payment of the Debt or the Other Obligations), and to do all other things which Borrower or any lessor is or may become entitled to do under the Leases or the Lease Guaranties.


            (g)        Entry and Possession.  The right, at Lender's option, upon revocation of the license granted herein, to enter upon the Property in person, by agent or by court-appointed receiver, to collect the Rents and enforce the Leases.


            (h)        Power of Attorney.  Borrower's irrevocable power of attorney, coupled with an interest, to take any and all of the actions set forth in Section 3.1 of this Assignment and any or all other actions designated by Lender for the proper management and preservation of the Property. 


            (i)         Other Rights and Agreements.  Any and all other rights of Borrower in and to the items set forth in subsections (a) through (h) above, and all amendments, modifications, replacements, renewals, extensions, supplements, restatements and substitutions thereof.

                                                 Article 2 - Consideration


            Section 2.1      Consideration.  This Assignment is made in consideration of that certain loan made by Lender to Borrower evidenced by the Note and secured by the Security Instrument and the Other Security Documents.


                                          Article 3 - Terms of Assignment


            Section 3.1 Present Assignment.  It is intended by Borrower that this Assignment constitute a present, irrevocable, absolute and unconditional assignment of the Assigned Property, and not an assignment for additional security only.


            Section 3.2 License Back. Subject to the terms of this Assignment and the Security Instrument, Lender grants to Borrower a revocable license to collect and receive the Rents and other sums payable with respect to the Assigned Property unless and until an Event of Default (as defined in the Security Instrument) shall occur.  Borrower shall hold the Rents and all sums received pursuant to any Assigned Property, or a portion thereof sufficient to discharge all current sums due on the Debt, in trust for the benefit of Lender for use in the payment of such sums. 


            Section  3.3 Notice to Lessees.  Borrower hereby agrees to authorize and direct the lessees named in the Leases or any other or future lessees or occupants of the Property and all Lease Guarantors to pay over to Lender or to such other party as Lender directs all Rents and all sums due under any Lease Guaranties upon receipt from Lender of written notice to the effect that Lender is then the holder of the Security Instrument and that an Event of Default exists, and to continue so to do until otherwise notified by Lender.


            Section 3.4 Termination of Assignment.  Upon payment in full of the Debt and the delivery and recording of a satisfaction or discharge of Security Instrument duly executed by Lender, this Assignment shall become null and void and shall be of no further force and effect.


            Section 3.5 Incorporation by Reference.  All representations, warranties, covenants, conditions and agreements contained in the Security Instrument as same may be modified, renewed, substituted or extended are hereby made a part of this Assignment to the same extent and with the same force as if fully set forth herein.


                                                       Article 4 - Remedies


            Section 4.1 Remedies of Lender.  (a)  Upon or at any time after the occurrence of an Event of Default, the license granted to Borrower in Section 3.2 of this Assignment shall automatically be revoked, and Lender shall immediately be entitled to possession of all Rents and sums payable pursuant to any of the Assigned Property, whether or not Lender enters upon or takes control of the Property.  In addition, upon or at any time after the occurrence of an Event of Default, without waiving such Event of Default, to the extent permitted by  law, without notice and without regard to the adequacy of the security for the Debt, with or without bringing any action or proceeding, either in person or by agent, nominee,  attorney, or a receiver appointed by a court, Lender, at its option, may dispossess Borrower and its agents and servants from the Property, and exclude Borrower and its agents or servants wholly therefrom and take possession of the Property and all books, records and accounts relating thereto  without liability for trespass, damages or otherwise.  Thereafter, Lender may have, hold, manage, lease and operate the Property on such terms and for such period of time as Lender may deem proper and either with or without taking possession of the Property in its own name, demand, sue for or otherwise collect and receive all Rents and other sums payable pursuant to any of the Assigned Property, including those past due and unpaid, with full power to make from time to time all alterations, renovations, repairs or replacements thereto or thereof as may seem proper to Lender.  Lender may apply the Rents and sums received pursuant to any of the Assigned Property to the payment of the following in such order and proportion as Lender in its sole discretion may determine:  (i) all expenses of managing and securing the Property, including, without limitation, the salaries, fees and wages of a managing agent and such other employees or agents as Lender may deem necessary or desirable; (ii) all expenses of operating and maintaining the Property, including, without limitation, all utility charges, Taxes, and Other Charges (as such terms are defined in the Security Instrument) and any other liens, charges and expenses which Lender may deem necessary or desirable; (iii) the cost of all alterations, renovations, repairs or replacements; (iv) all expenses incident to taking and retaining possession of the Property; and (v) the Debt, together with all costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.


            (b)  In addition, upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, Lender, at its option, may (i) complete any construction on the Property in such manner and form as Lender deems advisable; (ii) exercise all rights and powers of Borrower, including, without limitation, the right to enter into, negotiate, execute, cancel, enforce or modify Leases, obtain and evict tenants, and demand, sue for, collect and receive all Rents from the Property and all sums payable under the Assigned Property; (iii) either require Borrower to pay monthly in advance to Lender, or to any receiver appointed to collect the Rents, the fair and reasonable rental value for the use and occupancy of such part of the Property as may be in possession of Borrower, or require Borrower to vacate and surrender possession of the Property to Lender or to such receiver and, in default thereof, Borrower may be evicted by summary proceedings or otherwise. 


            Section 4.2      Other Remedies.  Nothing contained in this Assignment and no act done or omitted by Lender pursuant to the power and rights granted to Lender hereunder shall be deemed to be a waiver by Lender of its rights and remedies under the Note, the Security Instrument, or the Other Security Documents and this Assignment is made and accepted without prejudice to any of the rights and remedies possessed by Lender under the terms thereof.  The right of Lender to collect the Debt and to enforce any other security therefore held by it may be exercised by Lender either prior to, simultaneously with, or subsequent to any action taken by it hereunder.  Borrower hereby absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably waives any and all rights to assert any setoff, counter-claim or cross-claim of any nature whatsoever with respect to the obligations of Borrower under this Assignment, the Note, the Security Instrument, the Other Security Documents or otherwise with respect to the loan secured hereby in any action or proceeding brought by Lender to collect same, or any portion thereof, or to enforce and realize upon the lien and security interest created by this Assignment, the Note, the Security Instrument, or any of the Other Security Documents (provided, however, that the foregoing shall not be deemed a waiver of Borrower's right to assert any compulsory counterclaim if such counterclaim is compelled under local law or rule of procedure, nor shall the foregoing be deemed a waiver of Borrower's right to assert any claim which would constitute a defense, setoff, counterclaim or cross-claim of any nature whatsoever against Lender in any separate action or proceeding).


            Section 4.3      Other Security.  Lender may take or release other security for the payment of the Debt, may release any party primarily or secondarily liable therefore and may apply any other security held by it to the reduction or satisfaction of the Debt without prejudice to any of its rights under this Assignment.


            Section 4.4      Non-Waiver.  The exercise by Lender of the option granted it in Section 4.1 of this Assignment and the collection of the Rents and other sums payable pursuant to the Assigned Property and the application thereof as herein provided shall not be considered a waiver of any default by Borrower under the Note, the Security Instrument, the Leases, this Assignment or the Other Security Documents.  The failure of Lender to insist upon strict performance of any term hereof shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any term of this Assignment.  Borrower shall not be relieved of Borrower's obligations hereunder by reason of (a) the failure of Lender to comply with any request of Borrower or any other party to take any action to enforce any of the provisions hereof or of the Security Instrument, the Note or the Other Security Documents, (b) the release regardless of consideration, of the whole or any part of the Property, or (c) any agreement or stipulation by Lender extending the time of payment or otherwise modifying or supplementing the terms of this Assignment, the Note, the Security Instrument or the Other Security Documents.  Lender may resort for the payment of the Debt to any other security held by Lender in such order and manner as Lender, in its discretion, may elect.  Lender may take any action to recover the Debt, or any portion thereof, or to enforce any covenant hereof without prejudice to the right of Lender thereafter to enforce its rights under this Assignment.  The rights of Lender under this Assignment shall be separate, distinct and cumulative and none shall be given effect to the exclusion of the others.  No act of Lender shall be construed as an election to proceed under any one provision herein to the exclusion of any other provision.


            Section 4.5      Bankruptcy.  (a) Upon or at any time after the occurrence of an Event of Default, Lender shall have the right to proceed in its own name or in the name of Borrower in respect of any claim, suit, action or proceeding relating to the rejection of any Lease, including, without limitation, the right to file and prosecute, to the exclusion of Borrower, any proofs of claim, complaints, motions, applications, notices and other documents, in any case in respect of the lessee under such Lease under the Bankruptcy Code. 


            (b) If there shall be filed by or against Borrower a petition under the Bankruptcy Code, and Borrower, as lessor under any Lease, shall determine to reject such Lease pursuant to Section 365(a) of the Bankruptcy Code, then Borrower shall give Lender not less than ten (10) days' prior notice of the date on which Borrower shall apply to the bankruptcy court for authority to reject the Lease.  Lender shall have the right, but not the obligation, to serve upon Borrower within such ten-day period a notice stating that (i) Lender demands that Borrower assume and assign the Lease to Lender pursuant to Section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code and (ii) Lender covenants to cure or provide adequate assurance of future performance under the Lease.  If Lender serves upon Borrower the notice described in the preceding sentence, Borrower shall not seek to reject the Lease and shall comply with the demand provided for in clause (i) of the preceding sentence within thirty (30) days after the notice shall have been given, subject to the performance by Lender of the covenant provided for in clause (ii) of the preceding sentence.


                            Article 5 - Further Assurances/No Liability


            Section 5.1      Further Assurances.  Borrower will, at the cost of Borrower, and without expense to Lender, do, execute, acknowledge and deliver all and every such further acts, conveyances, assignments, notices of assignments, transfers and assurances as Lender shall, from time to time, require for the better assuring, conveying, assigning, transferring and confirming unto Lender the property and rights hereby assigned or intended now or hereafter so to be, or which Borrower may be or may hereafter become bound to convey or assign to Lender, or for carrying out the intention or facilitating the performance of the terms of this Assignment or for filing, registering or recording this Assignment and, on demand, will execute and deliver and hereby authorizes Lender to execute in the name of Borrower to the extent Lender may lawfully do so, one or more financing statements, chattel mortgages or comparable security instruments, to evidence more effectively the lien and security interest hereof in and upon the Leases.


            Section 5.2      No Liability of Lender.  This Assignment shall not be construed to bind Lender to the performance of any of the covenants, conditions or provisions contained in any Lease or Lease Guaranty or otherwise impose any obligation upon Lender.  Lender shall not be liable for any loss sustained by Borrower resulting from Lender's failure to let the Property after an Event of  Default or from any other act or omission of Lender in managing the Property after an Event of  Default unless such loss is caused by the willful misconduct and bad faith of Lender.  Lender shall not be obligated to perform or discharge any obligation, duty or liability under the Leases or any Lease Guaranties or under or by reason of this Assignment and Borrower shall, and hereby agrees, to indemnify Lender for, and to hold Lender harmless from, any and all liability, loss or damage which may or might be incurred under the Assigned Property or under or by reason of this Assignment and from any and all claims and demands whatsoever, including the defense of any such claims or demands which may be asserted against Lender by reason of any alleged obligations and undertakings on its part to perform or discharge any of the terms, covenants or agreements contained in the Leases or any Lease Guaranties.  Should Lender incur any such liability, the amount thereof, including costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys' fees, shall be secured by this Assignment and by the Security Instrument and the Other Security Documents and Borrower shall reimburse Lender therefore immediately upon demand and upon the failure of Borrower so to do Lender may, at its option, declare all sums secured by this Assignment and by the Security Instrument and the Other Security Documents immediately due and payable.  This Assignment shall not operate to place any obligation or liability for the control, care, management or repair of the Property upon Lender, nor for the carrying out of any of the terms and conditions of the Leases or any Lease Guaranties; nor shall it operate to make Lender responsible or liable for any waste committed on the Property by the tenants or any other parties, or for any dangerous or defective condition of the Property, including without limitation the presence of any Hazardous Substances (as defined in the Security Instrument), or for any negligence in the management, upkeep, repair or control of the Property resulting in loss or injury or death to any tenant, licensee, employee or stranger.


            Section 5.3 No Mortgagee in Possession.  Nothing herein contained shall be construed as constituting Lender a Amortgagee in possession@ in the absence of the taking of actual possession of the Property by Lender.  In the exercise of the powers herein granted Lender, no liability shall be asserted or enforced against Lender, all such liability being expressly waived and released by Borrower.


                                                     Article 6 - Definitions


            Section 6.1      Certain Definitions.  Unless the context clearly indicates a contrary intent or unless otherwise specifically provided herein, the phrases Aattorneys' fees@ and Acounsel fees@ shall include any and all attorneys', paralegal and law clerk fees and disbursements, including, but not limited to, fees and disbursements at the pre-trial, trial and appellate levels incurred or paid by Lender in protecting its interest in the Property, the Leases and the Rents and enforcing its rights hereunder, the word ABorrower@ shall mean each Borrower and any subsequent owner or owners of the Property or any part thereof or interest therein, the word ALender@ shall mean Lender and any subsequent holder of the Note, the word ANote@ shall mean the Note and any other evidence of indebtedness secured by the Security Instrument, the word Aperson@ shall include an individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, trust, unincorporated association, government, governmental authority, and any other entity, and the word AProperty@ shall include  any portion of the Property and any interest therein.


            Section 6.2      Number  and Gender. Whenever the context may require, any pronouns used herein shall include the corresponding masculine, feminine or neuter forms, and the singular form of nouns and pronouns shall include the plural and vice versa.


                                                Article 7 - Applicable Law


            Section 7.1  Choice of Law.  This Assignment shall be governed, construed, applied and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state in which the Property is located.


            Section 7.2  Provisions Subject to Applicable Law.  All rights, powers and remedies provided in this Assignment may be exercised only to the extent that the exercise thereof does not violate any applicable provisions of law and are intended to be limited to the extent necessary so that they will not render this Assignment invalid, unenforceable or not entitled to be recorded, registered or filed under the provisions of any applicable laws.


                                    Article 8 - Miscellaneous Provisions


            Section 8.1      Conflict of Terms.  In case of any conflict between the terms of this Assignment and the terms of the Security Instrument, the terms of the Security Instrument shall prevail.


            Section 8.2      No Oral Change.  This Assignment and any provisions hereof may not be modified, amended, waived, extended, changed, discharged or terminated orally, or by any act or failure to act on the part of Borrower or Lender, but only by an agreement in writing signed by the party against whom the enforcement of any modification, amendment, waiver, extension, change, discharge or termination is sought.


            Section 8.3      Authority.  Borrower represents and warrants that it has full power and authority to execute and deliver this Assignment and the execution and delivery of this Assignment has been duly authorized and does not conflict with or constitute a default under any law, judicial order or other agreement affecting Borrower or the Property.


            Section 8.4      Duplicate Originals; Counterparts.  This Assignment may be executed in any number of duplicate originals and each such duplicate original shall be deemed to be an original.  This Assignment may be executed in several counterparts, each of which counterparts shall be deemed an original instrument and all of which together shall constitute a single Assignment.  The failure of any party hereto to execute this Assignment, or any counterpart hereof, shall not relieve the other signatories from their obligations hereunder.


            Section 8.5      Notices.  All notices required or permitted hereunder shall be given as provided in the Security Instrument.




            Section 8.7      Liability.  If Borrower consists of more than one person, the obligations and liabilities of each such person hereunder shall be joint and several.  This Assignment shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of Borrower and Lender and their respective successors and assigns forever.


            Section 8.8      Headings, etc.  The headings and captions of various paragraphs of this Assignment are for convenience of reference only and are not to be construed as defining or limiting, in any way, the scope or intent of the provisions hereof.


            Section 8.9      Sole Discretion of Lender.  Wherever pursuant to this Assignment (a) Lender exercises any right given to it to approve or disapprove, (b) any arrangement or term is to be satisfactory to Lender, or (c) any other decision or determination is to be made by Lender, the decision of Lender to approve or disapprove, all decisions that arrangements or terms are satisfactory or not satisfactory and all other decisions and determinations made by Lender, shall be in the sole discretion of Lender, except as may be otherwise expressly and specifically provided herein.


            Section 8.10    Costs and Expenses of Borrower.  Wherever pursuant to this Assignment it is provided that Borrower pay any costs and expenses, such costs and expenses shall include, but not be limited to, legal fees and disbursements of Lender, whether with respect to retained firms, the reimbursement of the expenses for in-house staff or otherwise.



                           Article 9 - Special [Name of State] Provisions


            Section 9.1      Inconsistencies.  In the event of any inconsistencies between the terms and conditions of this Article 9 and the other provisions of this Assignment, the terms and conditions of this Article 9 shall control and be binding.


                                           [SPECIAL LOCAL LAW PROVISIONS]



            THIS ASSIGNMENT, together with the covenants and warranties therein contained, shall inure to the benefit of Lender and any subsequent holder of the Security Instrument and shall be binding upon Borrower, its heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns and any subsequent owner of the Property.


            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Borrower has executed this instrument as of the day and year first above written.









                                                                  (to be attached)

                                                                    EXHIBIT A


                                                      Legal Description of Property



                                                                  (to be attached)




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