Lease made _________[year], between _________ of _________, lessor, and _________, of the same place, lessee, witnesses:

Lessor hereby leases to lessee from _________[year], to _________[year], the following-described premises, namely: Apartment No. _________, of _________ building, situated at No. _________ street in the city of _________, state of _________.

In consideration of lease it is agreed as follows:

1. Lessee pay to lessor, at lessor's office in _________[name of city and state], for use of premises, yearly [or as the case may be] rental of $_____ to be paid $_____ in advance on the _________ day of _________, and $_____ on the _________ day of each month thereafter during the continuance of this lease with _____% interest upon all unpaid rent from maturity thereof.

2. Lessee has examined and knows condition of premises, and has received same in good order and repair, and hereby agrees:

To use premises for living rooms, as a private residence for a family of _________ and that small children shall not constitute a part of family; and not to sell or assign this lease, nor underlet premises or any part thereof, and premises shall not be offered by lessee for lease by placing notices on any door, window or wall of building, or by advertising same directly or indirectly in any newspaper or otherwise, without written consent of lessor endorsed; nor permit any unlawful business to be conducted thereon; to surrender possession of premises at expiration of this lease without further notice to quit, in as good condition as reasonable and careful use will permit; but under no circumstances shall premises be used as a boardinghouse or lodging-house, nor for a school or for giving instructions in music or singing or for any other purpose other than that specified herein.

3. Lessee shall not do, nor permit anything to be done on premises, bring or keep anything thereon, which will in any way increase the rate of fire insurance on building, or on property kept therein, or obstruct or interfere with rights of other tenants, or in any way injure or annoy them, or conflict with laws relating to fires, or with regulations of fire department, or with any insurance policy on building, or any part thereof, or conflict with any of the rules and ordinances of board of health. Indulgence in any immoral, illegal or criminal act will render this lease terminable, without notice, at option of lessor.

4. Lessee agrees to give lessor, in addition to the lien given by law, a lien on all property being used or situated upon premises, including household and kitchen furniture, and articles of family use and ornamentation, whether the property is exempt from execution or not, for rent secured hereunder, and for any damage sustained by lessor, such lien to continue six months after the expiration of the terms; and lessee, as an inducement to the securing of this lease, warrants the title to the property against all persons.

5. Any failure of lessee to comply with any of the terms or conditions of this lease shall make the whole amount of rent for the term due, and lessor may proceed to collect the same; or on election of lessor, any such failure shall work a forfeiture of this lease, and all rights of lessee hereunder, and lessee, on notice of such election, shall within three days thereafter quit and surrender premises, without further notice to quit, and lessor may recover possession thereof by action of forcible entry and detainer. Acceptance of partial payments shall not constitute a waiver of the right of such action of forcible entry and detainer during the month on the rent of which partial payments are made.

6. If, on failure to comply with any of conditions, rules and regulations of this lease, suit should be brought for damages on account thereof, or to enforce payment of rent and light herein stipulated, or to recover possession of premises, or for any and all of the causes, lessee agrees to further pay to lessor reasonable costs and expenses incurred in prosecuting the suits, including attorney's fees, all of which shall be a lien on the property and effects of lessee kept or being used on premises, as fully and to the same extent as the rent is a lien thereon, as herein provided.

7. Lessor shall have the right, personally or by agent, to enter premises at reasonable hours to examine the same, or to make such repairs and alterations as shall be deemed necessary for safety and preservation of building.

8. Rules and regulations governing the occupancy of premises, printed on back of this lease, and which are hereby made part of this lease, shall during the term hereof be in all things observed and performed by lessee, and lessee's servants and employees.

Lessor reserves the right to make such other and further rules and regulations as in lessor's judgment may be needful from time to time, for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises and for the preserving of good order therein.

9. If lessor is unable to give lessee possession at the beginning of the term hereof, on account of present occupant's failure to vacate premises, lessor shall be allowed sufficient time in which to secure same by due process of law, and shall rebate rent on a pro rata basis for the time so consumed, which rebated rent shall be accepted by lessee as full settlement of all damage occasioned by such delay.

10. Lessor agrees to furnish to lessee, without additional charge, hot and cold water, and heat from the heating apparatus of building, during the heating season, subject to the following express conditions: Failure to obtain fuel, or if any accident shall happen to heating apparatus, whatever may be the cause thereof, lessor shall, without unreasonable delay, repair the same, and shall not be liable for any damage that may be sustained by lessee by reason of the temporary failure to heat the premises occupied.

11. Lessor reserves the right at all times to put up notices "for sale" and "to rent" on premises, and to show the same at any reasonable hour, for 60 days prior to the termination of this lease.

12. Lessee shall not permit or allow premises to be damaged or diminished in value by any act or negligence of lessee, or the members of lessee's family, or of lessee's employees, in any manner whatever. Lessee agrees to protect all water pipes to prevent freezing and to keep faucets closed so as to prevent waste or flooding of this or any other apartment, and not to allow anything to be thrown into waste pipes leading from bathroom or kitchen fixtures to the sewer which will clog any of them, and to be responsible to lessor for all damages to any of the apartments or building by neglecting so to do, and to repair all damages to the pipes caused by neglect to care for them as provided above; and, also to be responsible for any damage or injury occasioned by such neglect to the property of any tenant of lessor in building, and lessor is not to be responsible for any loss, damage or injury occasioned by the neglect or failure of any tenant or lessee of any portion of building, in relation to the water pipes or faucets in the rooms or under the care of other tenant. Lessee agrees to make, under supervision of lessor, all repairs required to walls, floors, ceilings, varnish, plastering, plumbing and pipes belonging to premises whenever damage or injury shall have resulted from misuse or neglect, and lessee agrees to pay to lessor $_____, which sum shall be the ascertained and liquidated damages sustained by lessor for each and every nail, tack, brad, or screw driven in any part of these premises, except by written consent of lessor, and to replace promptly, at lessee's own expense, any glass which may be cracked or broken in the doors or windows of premises during the term of this lease, and that in case of failure to do so, lessor shall have the right to replace the same and pay the cost thereof for lessee, which cost it is agreed shall become a part of the rent for the use of premises hereunder, and paid by lessee at the time payment of the next following installment of rent, and that cost shall be secured by the lien given hereunder to secure the rent.

13. Lessor shall not be liable for any damages to any property at any time on premises, or in building, from water, rain or snow which may leak into, issue or fall from any part of building, of which the premises hereby leased are a part of, from the pipes or plumbing or from any other place.

14. If, during the term of this lease, building or the premises herein leased are destroyed by fire, not fault of lessee, or elements, or partially destroyed so as to render premises wholly unfit for occupancy, and if they shall be so badly damaged that they cannot be repaired within 60 days from the happening of injury, then this lease shall cease and become null and void from the date of such damage or destruction, and lessee shall immediately surrender premises, and all interest therein, and rent shall be paid only to the time of such surrender.

15. Should lessee hold over by permission of lessor, after termination of this lease for three days, such a holding over shall be and constitute a renewal hereof for a term of same duration as that of this lease, subject to all the stipulations and conditions hereof; except that lessor may at any time, should he so elect, cancel and terminate such renewed lease, upon three days' notice to lessee.

16. Acceptance by lessor of any sums of money as provided herein for damages by reason of the violation of any of the provisions of this lease, shall not be a waiver by lessor of the right to terminate the lease as provided herein, or to declare the whole amount of rent for the term as provided herein, due and payable.

Rules and Regulations Governing Tenancy in the _________ Apartment Building

1. The vestibules, hallways, stairways and other public passages shall not be obstructed by lessees or their agents, or used by them for any other purpose than the ingress to and egress from their respective apartments.

2. Furniture, etc., shall be moved in and out of building, and all deliveries of provisions, milk, ice, merchandise, etc., shall be only through door at rear of building, and such deliveries must not be left in hallways.

3. No sign, advertisement, notice, doorplate or other similar device shall be inscribed, painted, engraved or affixed to any part of the outside or inside of the premises.

4. Window shades, curtain poles and brackets will be furnished by the lessor and no other shades or curtain fixtures shall be allowed.

5. Nails, tacks, brads or screws shall not be driven into the woodwork, wall or floors of the premises, nor shall there be any boring or marring of the woodwork or plastering. Partitions shall not be erected, walls shall not be papered or decorated, or any other changes or alterations whatever made.

6. Sapolio or other similar cleaning preparations shall not be used on bathroom or kitchen fixtures nor soap on woodwork or floors.

Lessee shall keep floors in proper condition during the continuance of this lease, using the materials which have already been used.

7. Garbage, tin cans, paper, etc., must be deposited in receptacles furnished, which will be emptied daily by janitor. Apartments must be left in a clean and presentable condition upon vacating same.

8. Dogs, cats or other domesticated animals shall not be kept as pets, nor shall they be allowed on the premises.

9. A storage room for trunks is provided in basement.

10. Additional locks shall not be placed upon any door or window.

11. No means of heating or lighting shall be used save gas and electricity.

12. The work of the custodian, janitor, or employees shall not be interfered with. The heating apparatus, heat controlling apparatus, elevators, or any portion of building shall not be tampered with.

13. Carpets, rugs, clothing, etc., must not be shaken or hung from the windows, porches or balconies; milk, groceries, provisions, etc., must not be placed or left on the outside windows or fire escapes.

14. Pianos, radios or stereos, or other musical instruments shall not be played after 10 p.m.

15. Telephones may only be placed at outlets provided in each apartment.

16. Vacuum cleaner shall be used only in accordance with special rules posted in the office of the janitor.

17. Janitors will clean corridors and walks.

18. Lessor will not be responsible for loss of property of lessees through theft or otherwise.




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